Long Beach's Patients' Access Campaign Collects Over 12,000 Signatures For MMJ Reform


Like much of the Orange County area, Long Beach has been affected by the recent, senseless legislation passed down. Fortunately, the people are pissed off about this and are fighting back. In Long Beach in particularly:

Long Beach Patients’ Access Campaign has gathered over 12,000 valid signatures to reform medical marijuana regulations on the municipal level.

We want to thank our paid petitioners on winning this hard-fought drive thus far. Unfortunately the Long Beach Patients Access drive has suspended paid petition circulating efforts until more donations are harvested.

Our volunteer team is forming now and will press forward with our signature gathering efforts until the Committee collects more donations. The timing for shifting to volunteer efforts especially with the state legislator adding in a provision that calls for 20% volunteers ratios of signatures gathered to legally qualify a measure.

This Saturday we will be having our volunteer kick off event at Long Beach Patients’ Access PAC headquarters at 10am at 3741 E. Anaheim, Long Beach 90804. Coffee, orange juice, water, fruits and donuts will be provided.

No city council candidate or mayor candidate has announced a reasonable position that is reflective of the People of Long Beach. Long Beach Patients’ Access hopes to change that in the coming weeks

To get involved in the campaign please visit our website www.lbpatientsaccess.com or email the Campaign Consultant Jason Aula at jasonaula@gmail.com

If you’re in the Long Beach area, get involved, attend this event, and fight for your right to medicate. Oh, and in case you were wondering, the Obama DEA has raided over 4 times as many medical marijuana dispensaries as Bush did in 8 years:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x39bmr892hw]

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