TerpX and The Clinic Highlight The 710 Cup's Award Winners


TerpX’s White Fire OG, not entered in The 710 Cup

The (first ever) 710 Cup came and went this past weekend in Denver, Colorado, and was a major win for the medical marijuana community on all accounts. While the folks at WeedMaps, Grassroots, and Hitman warned it would rain down dabs, they did not prepare attendees for what we’re now calling “Hurricane Waxy,” the storm that bruised through the event late Saturday afternoon.

Nonetheless, the dabbers fought on and dabbed on, and the event went on smoothly, leaving Denver’s cannabis aficianados and the many out-of-town guests medicated beyond belief. When the wax and budder settled, here’s who came out on top.

In the dab world, shatter reigns supreme, and in Denver, it’s Sativa country. Thus, this first category displays what the judges considered to be the cream of the dab crop, in which the Bay Area’s TerpX and Denver’s own The Clinic duked it out for top honors.

Sativa shatter 
1. Terpx – lemon amnesia
2. The clinic- the tangie
3. Stay concentrated- edge water og
Best sativa shatter terps: the clinic- tangie

Indica shatter 
1. Spoiled brutal bee – sfv x purple og nug run
2. Growing kitchen- grape god nug run
3. Gold Coast extracts- white walker og
Best indica shatter terps: spoiled brutal bee

Sativa wax 
1. Advanced medical alternative – South African Durban poison
2. Mahatma – train wreck
3. Medi brothers Collective-
Colorado girl
Best sativa wax terps: advanced
Medical- Durban

Indica wax
1. Nebula extracts- 707 og x bubba
2. Phillips rx- og Kush nug run
3. Green thumb Danny- white fire
Best indica wax terps: Greenthumb Danny

1. Greenworkz by steel Rollin – r4 nug run
2. Stay concentrated- pre 03 Kobe nug run
3. Stay concentrated- krypto nug run
Best CBD terps: greenworkz r4

Non solvent: 
1. Gods green earth inc- afgoo
2. Botique del sol- Jeffery hager- Deathstar
3. Infinite wellness.
Best terps in a non solvent: Botique del sol- Deathstar

Until next week year!

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