Uruguay Will Reportedly Legalize Marijuana! [Updated: Not Yet]


Update: The vote still has to go to the Senate, as DPA reports…so we’ll see.

And there you have it–Urugay has reportedly made history in becoming the world’s first fully legal cannabis country! Seemingly out of nowhere, murmurs of legalizationsprung from President Mujica.

A week later, legalization is a reality for the small, South American country, where the country will now “allow Uruguayans over the age of 18 to buy up to 40 grams of weed per month from state-sanctioned distributors.”

The world has been watching Uruguay all day to see if its Congress would vote yes on green. According to the (usually reliable) LEAP

We’ll wait for official word from the country, but it’s not just LEAP doing the talking. Twitter is abuzz about this piece of history, and it seems legit:

And tourism may have just become a thing for the former afterthought of South America. Unless they’re just clowning us all in the best publicity stunt of all time?


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