Washington D.C.'s First Three Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Now Open For Business!


We informed you that Kosher Kush would soon be hitting the nation’s capital, and that day has finally come, as Tacoma Wellness Center joins Capital City Care and the Metropolitan Wellness Center as Washington D.C.’s first three medical marijuana collective–now officially open for business.

Yesterday, the first sale sale in the brief history of D.C.’s medical scene was to a 51-year-old HIV-Positive man named “Alonzo.” The patient spent a total of $250 for a half ounce of Blue Dream, Jack Herer, Master Kush, and a $120 vaporizer (guess they don’t carry Volcanos yet!). That’s without a doubt a better deal than patients like Alonzo were forced to obtain from the streets.

It’s a breath of fresh air to see patients just blocks away from the White House and President BHO (Barack Hussein Obama) can legally, safely purchase medicine without the threat of cuffs and bars. But with a mere 20 prescriptions handed out thus far, the city clearly has a ways to go.

Still, with New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts (all of New England now has MMJ) all making medical marijuana moves this year, the East Coast is slowly but surely becoming a whole lot greener. Hopefully in due time, patients in that side of the country without terminal illnesses or ridden to deathbeds will also have this same safe access.

The people of D.C. certainly agree:

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