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90 Gram Dab Party Sets Record For "World's Largest Dab"


They don’t have a category for World’s Largest Dab in the Guinness Book of Records–yet. Cause if they did, this would certainly qualify for the award, as it’s by far the biggest dab we’ve ever witnessed in our life.

This stunt was pulled off by “NW Green Thumb,” utilizing a custom, mega titanium plate built by Titanium Innovation. The move can clearly be construed a waste of concentrates–90 grams of that stuff will last most patients a year–and there’s children dry in Ethiopia! But that clearly wasn’t these dabbers’ concern…

The other burning question: does the hotbox actually work? The amount of smoke proliferating from the plate is out of control, and you can hear audible coughing throughout the video, so we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and say it “worked” and people got high. But without mouth on rig inhalation (or mouth on blunt), it’s often difficult to get a full high from just a Hot Box.

Then again, this is not your after school Hot Box, and the crowd seems to be feeling the medicine. See for yourself and provide your conclusion in the comments:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pk8uTieweXc]

This really didn’t need to be 16 minutes long, either.

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