Delaware Gov. Markell Sends Smoke Signals "Compassion Center" Could Soon Be a Reality


With a population teetering north of 117,000 solid American voters, Delaware’s Governor Jack Merkle, has made it clear he will now work towards resuscitating a state system for the distribution of medical marijuana. Albeit, the same one he killed a year earlier. Setting the stage for “The First State”  to follow the path blazed recently by both Oregon and Nevada.

“On Thursday, Delaware Gov. Jack Markell said he would revive efforts to set up a system to distribute medical cannabis via a pilot program that calls for a single “compassion center” that would both grow and sell medical cannabis to patients.”

Should Gov. Markell be successful in making a small karmic adjustment, and revive a functional MMJ distribution system – of one. He would be merely revising his own error in judgment, after originally scrubbing a 2012 program, which would have eventually totaled three medical marijuana collectives. Fear and DEA loathing over DOJ crackdowns, left local medical marijuana patients without a dispensary to go to, or the ability to grow their own medical marijuana under Delaware law. Leaving Gov. Markell’s MJ constituents with no way to access their state approved marijuana. Until now (sort of).

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I guess monopolies aren’t illegal after all in American business?

“The overall business implication of the Gov.’s plan are obviously extremely limited. The winning applicant chosen to operate dispensary and gross site will certainly benefit from having a monopoly (and the associated pricing power) in the entire states medical marijuana market, which could hit an estimated $2 million-$4 million annually at the outset.”

Regardless of how you label it; a nepotistic group of ‘good old boy’s’ keeping money in all the right pockets, or progress for the state’s sick and suffering patients. According to the Marijuana Policy Project, their view from a national level was that this represents solid progress.

“Any time you can establish a well-regulated and responsible medical marijuana provider, the industry benefits,” said Robert Capecchi, deputy director of state policies for the Marijuana Policy Project, a nonprofit lobbying group that helped pass and implement Delaware’s MMJ legislation. “The simple existence of a well-regulated and responsibly run medical marijuana compassion center will demonstrate to lawmakers that we can allow for limited use of marijuana and at the same time take greater control over to whom marijuana is sold than we currently have, which tends to make people more open to reform.”

As well it should. Accepting the fact that Delaware’s Gov. has seen the wisdom in setting up a profitable state run system, for the distribution of medical marijuana. This is not only a victory for the patients, who will no doubt vote their conscience; but also represent another crack in the federal drug policy façade.



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