Father Pleads With New Jersey Gov. Over Medical Marijuana For Kids


I was wondering what the holdup was, it’s been like two months now,” Wilson said to Christie.


“These are complicated issues, I know you think it’s simple – but it’s complicated.” 

At least that’s what New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie kept reiterating. That’s all he would say to Brian Wilson, a desperate father who is anxiously awaiting the governor’s decision regarding children in the state of New Jersey gaining access to medical marijuana.

Brian Wilson is the exasperated father of a little two-year-old girl – Vivian. Vivian has been plagued most of her young life with a vicious form of epilepsy, better known as Dravet syndrome. Similar to Colorado’s Charlotte Figi – standard epilepsy prescriptions have thus far failed to help Vivian, and her desperate parents believe the CBD cannabinoid within medical marijuana, may be the answer to their prayers.

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New Jersey’s Senate bill 2842 (allowing sick children similar access to MMJ as adults) originally flew through the state assembly in late June, passing by an overwhelming margin of 55 – 13, largely pushed by the Democrats which hold a majority in the state legislature. Regardless of the mounting pressure on Gov. Christie to do the right thing, he has thus far remained steadfast in his refusal to hear the pleas of the suffering – and sign this humane bill.

As Gov. Christie turned his back on the desperate and beseeching father – Mr. Wilson made one last appeal…

Please don’t let my daughter die Gov.”

With a promised decision due today, Gov. Christie pandered before the cameras, feigning concern, telling the frightened father,

“I wish the best for you, your daughter and your family. And I’m going to do what I think is best for the people of the state.”



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  1. AhHa, do what you “think is best for the people of the state” sounds like Bullsh*t to my ears.
    As always, you will only do what is best for your pockets & your efforts for re-election.

    If you thought otherwise you would never have turned your back on her father and walked away with just a little lip service……..

    Your decision would have been made instantly and she would have immediate access to MMJ if she were your daughter (or if it were YOU)!!

  2. I 100 percent agree medical marijuana should be legalized everywhere, because we all know that if it was one of the gov. kids he would do all he could to legalize marijuana

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