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Basic info: Grape Romulan is predominately Indica – the Romulan father of this genetic mashing was originally known for its short stature, even at full expression. While maintaining a bit it a Napoleonic complex, this miniature mighty mite maintains a knockout punch of overwhelming THC.  While it’s slightly more sedate Grapefruit mother hails from the Sativa side of the strain aisle. When grown properly she is known as a fast flowering, high-yielding Sativa – loaded with sweet tropical flavors.

Affect: The translucent crystal-dense nugs produce clarity – and an “up” high that is perfect for distracting the mind from pain; a perfect substitute for heavy over-the-counter prescription narcotics. Enjoy the Relief of pain, minus the fear of negative pharmaceutical interactions.

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Scent: Sweet inhales of a distracting Fruit-Skunk scent attack your senses as you first address in your meds. A gorgeous wave of agreeable terpenes weaken the knees and send the mind screaming – begging you to load your bong, and hit that bowl.

Growth and Seed info: Great yields, yet sometimes finicky to cultivate. Not exactly a newbie friendly strain, Grape Romulan seedlings can be vulnerable to large swings in pH levels and other basic rookie mistakes.

Tidbits: Perfect for the experienced Indoor cultivator – From clone to flower in only 8 weeks

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  1. I am currently in the first week of a very comprehensive 600w grow, Co2 tank, top tier organics, etc… I have three diff. clones all of which are real stout and of course REAL genetics(3 Cherry Pie, 3 XXX OG, and 4 GSC’s). Anyway I had the pleasure of acquiring some Grape Romulan Flowers from a friend and I just fell in love at first sight! Where can an independent medecine provider like me get a hold of this particular strain(I believe the herb came from Wash. state). Thank You

    • harvest of merit on

      Dear Green Plasma, I just happened to look up GR because I was fortunate to get cuts from a local outdoor grower and have cloned it successfully. About to bloom my first batch and keeping a mom. I would be happy to supply you with starts. I’m in Lake Co.707 4852992 or 510 7753722. Regards

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