Harlequin Marijuana Strain Review and Photos: High in CBD, Low in THC


While there seems to be an ongoing debate within the cultivation community over which strain, Indica or Sativa, has the natural ability to produce the  greatest amount of CBD cannabinoid. One things for certain – the Harlequin strain produces one of the highest naturally occurring levels of CBD  currently available at dispensaries today. A Sativa dominant hybrid, Harlequin is comprised of 25% Indica and 75% Sativa. Great for the truly ill, who seek to avoid the psychoactive nature of THC, while benefiting from one of the highest CBD percentages available on the market today.

Basic Info: Harlequin is no clown – though she is a clone. With a genetic lineage reaching back to the heyday of heirloom marijuana strains. A day when Thai Stick and Colombian Gold reigned supreme, and THC levels hovered in the low teens; this modern-day miracle plant is now highly sought after by those in search of the miracle cannabinoid – CBD. While famously low in THC, Harlequin is equally famous for consistently producing buds ranging between 4% – 7% in cannabidiol.

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Affect: Bear in mind – this is not the strain for you if you’re just looking to get high. However for the sick and suffering, this strain is a lifesaver. Great for for those that suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder,social anxiety or chronic discomfort.

Scent: While in the final stages of development – as the nearly mature buds hang from her elongated branches – Harlequins aroma is evocative of a pungent tropical feast. Complete with a mango / pineapple potpourri, the terpenes alone seem to have a sedative affect all on their own.

Growth and Seed Info: The ever elusive Harlequin strain is famous for being a trichome drenched, fast flowering master of the indoor-hydroponic cultivation set. Contrary to most strains, the active cannabinoid sought in Harlequin begins to diminish towards the end of its flowering cycle – where most plants would increase their cannabinoid percentages. The difference of just two short weeks can mean a reduced CBD percentage of between 2% – 4%.

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Tidbits: A medium yield producer, Harlequin plants at full expression tend to fall and drape themselves. As a matter of precaution, many cultivators choose to support them with either a string grid – or simple bamboo stakes.

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  1. My mother surfers from kronic migraines would this strain help her if so how can we get it in Baltimore Maryland area. Mom has needed sometype of new medication for years (50) she’s had headaches that long.

    • TEXAS420-LEGALIZE! on

      YES, Cbd is KNOWN for specifically helping problems with the brain in cbd-1 receptors and cbd-2 receptors, found mainly allover your body in nervous system and cerebreal connection to bodily funtions due to hormones and mood stabilizers and the such alike…

      Cbd has the ability to pass threw the membrain wall to your cerebellum and is able to also stabilize itself using what your body produces naturally and the additional Cbd(and Thc but mainly Cbd) that you need for proper somatic and metaphysical adaptation to function or deal with things like Migraines so yes…… for all illness’s ( IMO )

      this would be a perfect strain for her, ALSO if you can find a strain that has CBN content like strain: Super bud which has a remarkable amount of CBN that will have her more medicated that ever for head problems if used with cbd , Because CBN when I smoke superbud it seems to make me feel like im disconnected from my head so if that sounds like a good way to get rid of a headache then search your heart out

      GL peace and pot LEGALIZE!

  2. I’m interested in strains that are high in cbd and very low in thc. Is there anymore that you can reccomend and what are the percentage levels.


    • Yes, Michaelbnice,

      That would be the Harlequin Blend. It is very high in CBD’s. According to OC Caregivers (1616 4th Street #130 in Santa Ana) they say their Harlequin is 9% which from what I can see is considered high for Harlequin. The THC count is suppose to be in the low teens, so 13-16%. Although the rep was also recommending some sort of liquid you can put under your tongue that is a straight CBD and also suggested a cartridge with 250 mg of Harlequin and you use it in a pen device. I am a newbie to all of this myself so best to go to a dispensary and ask someone who is knowledgeable. Best of luck to you!


      • Grow Your Own on

        Actually harlequin is a 5:2 cbd:thc cultivar. So cbd would be in the teens and thc would be around 4 to 6 percent. 9 percent cbd would be low for harlequin.

    • My dispensary here in Colorado currently has a new strain that is almost ready to sell. It is called EP7, or el paso 7. The thc will be lower then Harlequin, and have a higher cbd percentage as well. I cannot tolerate thc, so this new strain is much anticipated. I suffer from fibromyalgia, and am anxious to get off of narcotics. I am praying that this new strain will be successful for me.

        • Sure, my caregiver is “Rocky Mountain Miracles”. They are on 2316 Bijou in Colorado Springs. This is a family run business, very professional and knowledgeable. Good luck to you! EP7 should be ready in 2 weeks.

      • Hi, What dispensary in Colorado will have the EP7? I’m praying for relief too as I’ve been on narcotics too for TMJ, herniated disks, and fibromyalgia. Thanks.

      • Hello HOPEFUL! Its been over 2 years since your post, I was just curious how the new strain is and if you’d notice any changes in your condition?

  3. Hi. This is my first time trying the Harlequin strain. I suffer from bladder cancer. I have had 6 surgeries in a year and when I urinate it is pure pain! I have tried several different strains just trying to find that ideal strain. I mixed the Harlequin Strain with some Fire OG. One strain to help with the cancer and the pain and the other (FireOG) to get a little buzz and feel relaxed enough to sleep. I have had the FireOG with another dispensary. I use a Vapir (vaporizer) unit. I could take 5-7 long hits and get a little buzz that would last me about 30-45 minutes just enough to help me relax to fall asleep. Okay so I went to OC Caregivers in Santa and tried their “Top Shelf” FireOG and also got the Harlequin and uh yah.. 5 long hits and I got a huge BUZZ!!! My entire body was shaking. I felt nervous and shaky and had a difficult time breathing. I have been using Marijuana since May / 2013. I am a newbee, but I have tried several blends and none have done anything like this. Although I did drink 2 Rockstar drinks. Before though I could drink 1-2 Rockstars use my Chery Pie OG with a mixture of Swiss Gold and feel totally fine, but now jitters? Any comments / suggestions. Thank you.

    • I just went through my first of many “procedures” for bladder cancer. This was barely 2 weeks ago. The pain associated with relieving myself cannot be described or explained, but nonetheless is far beyond excruciating. I am at the very start of what appears to be a road I really do not look forward to navigating if this is the starting point of pain yet to come. I need a mentor to guide me through whatever it takes to make the pain go away (Drugs given to me by doctor are worthless) and to help me rid my bladder of the cancer. I cannot even call myself a newbie, since doing so would indicate I had the slightest bit of knowledge in this arena. A third party with another cancer mentioned tog o down this road and I found this site. I live in CO but will travel anywhere, or even move anywhere to get what I need. If anyone is willing to help me make my first steps,I would be grateful.

      • Hi Marlyn, I am fairly new to medicinal cannabis, and am not a fan of thc at all. I can give you some tips I have learned along the way. I am waiting for EP7, but until then, I have been using the strain harlequin in small doses. It helps with sleep and pain. Are you in Colorado Springs?

      • You have bladder cancer and you are drinking rock star energy drinks??? Wow you are dumb. No point in helping you if you’re not even helping yourself.

    • Hi Jack,
      Sometimes too much med can cause anxiety and anxious body feeling. Try to use Harlequin without any other strains and back off the caffeine. High thc strains can have anxiety as a side effect. Good luck!

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