MPP's Gang Of 8: The Worst State Legislators of 2013


#5 –Florida Rep. Darryl Rouson (D) – sponsored a successful bill to ban the sale of pipes and bongs which he referred to as “utensils of death.”


Hey Representative Rouson… the true “utensils of death” come from Big pharmacy?

While demographics may have aged out many of the old school marijuana prohibitionists in the political game, some fringe elements of intolerance still exist. Mostly politicians with pockets stuffed full of lobbyist’s blood money from the wide ranging spectrum of industries which fear both medical and recreational marijuana’s uptick in acceptance.

In an attempt to help educate the majority of Americans which support responsible marijuana consumption, the Marijuana Policy Project has compiled an important list going into the 2014, midterm election. A list that highlights intolerance and propaganda over science and fact.

This list represents some of the more egregious examples of elected officials speaking out… and actively fighting against their constituents will, and the legalization of medical marijuana. While these may not be the only politicians who find themselves backed into the marijuana prohibition corner – for any number of monetary or political reasons – they certainly represent the worst of the bunch.

For change to occur people must educate themselves on their political choices. On the most basic of levels, participation counts. Starting with city Council elections… then state assembly and on up the political food chain. Choosing politicians who will represent their constituents will– and exercise common sense – over greed and job security.

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#8 –New Hampshire Rep. John Cebroski (R) – voted against the widely supported medical marijuana bill because he “[did]not want to be part of the culture and social disintegration of [New Hampshire]”

#7 –Iowa Rep.  Clel Baudler (R) – helped kill a medical marijuana bill, saying it would be the “top one or two or three stupidest bills” to pass the legislature in more than 50 years.

#6 –Montana Rep. David Howard (R) – helped defeat bills that would have improved access to medical marijuana, calling it “the most dangerous drug there is” and a “poison” that “makes [users]delusional.”

#5 –Florida Rep. Darryl Rouson (D) – sponsored a successful bill to ban the sale of pipes and bongs which he referred to as “utensils of death.”

#4 –North Carolina Rep. Paul “Skip” Stam (R) – killed a medical marijuana bill because he felt “harassed” by the large volume of calls and e-mails he and his colleagues were receiving about it.

#3 –Arizona Rep. John Kavanagh (R) – proposed repealing of voter approved medical marijuana law, falsely claiming that “no medical authority” would agree that marijuana has legitimate medical benefits.

#2 –Idaho Rep. Luke Malek (R) – helped pass a resolution opposing the legalization of marijuana “for any purpose” because he thinks medical marijuana is a “farcical predatory scheme.”

#1 –Colorado Sen. John Morse (D) – tried to sneak a Bill through the final hours of the session that could have resulted in the repeal of a voter approved initiative to regulate marijuana like alcohol.

As the 2014 midterm elections quickly approaches… The choice is yours, tyranny or true “representation” by politicians that understand they are our paid employees.


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