Seattle Police: Stoned, Hungry and…Forewarned! Cops Hand Out Marijuana Law Summary On Bags of Doritos


With Seattle’s Hempfest firing up tomorrow… A quick word of caution.

As a general rule of thumb, cops and marijuana don’t mix. Particularly when we’re speaking about more than 250,000 of the nation’s more enthusiastic pot smokers – even in a state where it’s perfectly legal.

While Colorado’s governor may have thought “Cheeto’s” were a winning combination for the states legally high residents to celebrate with. Seattle’s police force have opted to go in a slightly different direction…instead going the ‘Doritos’ route. Similar to Colorado, this Stoner-to-snack parallel was meant as a means of warning the munch-ie needing masses, not to go overboard. So, Seattle’s Police Department will be providing both snacks and information in one salty little package. Summarizing the states marijuana laws and printing them in a Reader’s Digest version for all to see, on the back of the Doritos bags handed out.

“Seattle Police Department’s spokesman, Sergeant Sean Whitcomb, said the department intends to use the opportunity to spread the word about new marijuana laws…” Noted the UK’s daily Mail.

Concerned that both state residents, and the hordes of expected marijuana tourists may be somewhat hazy on the finer nuances of I 502’s marijuana laws. The Seattle Police Department teamed up with a former journalist, and wrote the ever informative ‘Marijwhatnow?’ – as a means of disseminating useful information, and giving a quick Q&A explanation on the states marijuana law.

The most important piece of information to take from their informative video is that; yes, it’s perfectly legal to posses up to announce of marijuana…however it’s not okay to open it, or smoke it in public.

As a general rule of thumb cops and marijuana don't mix.

enjoy, but be safe!


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