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Today’s Super Lemon Haze is an icon amongst the sativa loving cannabis set. This elevated strain first gained notoriety by winning 1st Pl. – twice in successive years (08-09) at the Amsterdam Cannabis Cup. As any good breeder will tell you it’s all about genetics! And with a father like Super Silver Haze the sky is the limit.

Basic info: As the offspring of a famous of a Super Silver Haze father and a Lemon Skunk mother – Super Lemon Haze enjoys a beautiful combination of fragrance and yield. The Haze influences resonates within this seed strain, making this a better multi branch plant. Super lemon haze (SLH) tends to retain a slightly willowy sativa like growth pattern; forming long buds, draped in extra-long pistils.

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Affect: The notable elevated effects begin with a strong and immediate sensation of physical relaxation, immediately followed by a euphoria, an easing of daily concerns; while opening the mind’s eye to the beauty around us. While some pot strains tend to make consumers more introverted, Super Lemon Haze has the ability to electrify your social side, highlighting people’s natural love of laughter. Making the reclusive, gregarious.

Scent: A fragrant lemon intensity, mixed with a hint of skunk-y aroma. The Lemon Skunk mother pumps up the citrus intensity to entice the Haze fans, in addition to adding steady skunk genetics that will appeal to most cultivators.

Growth and Seed info: Super Lemon Haze will leave you equally pleased whether cultivating outside in soil, or indoors in a state-of-the-art hydroponics system. Regardless of your cultivation set up, in order to attain the highest yield and best flavor from your SLH plants, it’s critical to remember they enjoy a high PK ppm during her late stages of flowering.

Tidbits: Bring water and eye drops, as cottonmouth and redeye will surely follow. Best suited for outside activities; hiking, surfing, gardening or just barbecuing with friends.

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