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2013: The Mad Dash For Labor Day Dabs …


Change my Facebook status to comfortably numb! (finally)

The high holidays of the American work force is no time to face a shortage of Meds! We all know it, but sometimes the management of our CA Prop 215 stash gets the better of us. It did me. Out of great concentrates – feeling the queasy nature of panic setting in, it was time for a road trip. A winding, white knuckle ride south, down Highway 1- from the central coast Shangri-La of the Monterey Peninsula, into the belly of the beast; traffic hell, SO Cal….a.k.a. Orange County California.

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Labor Day 2013 had the potential to go sideways fast – if not for my good friends at ‘West Coast Cure.’  Working for WeedMaps /, I enjoy the enviable luxury of getting to meet and mix with a long list of the industries best, most creative breeders, extract artist, glass artisans… and all around great people. And my man “J” at WCC is high on that list.

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Being surrounded by the central coast’s Big Sur chronic is always great, but seemed somehow lacking for this summer’s last weekend, and while I’m no genius, I know enough to avoid trying to make my own BHO.  Too many things can go south fast. From blowing limbs into the next county, to wasting time, effort and money, only to end up with a product that is unhealthy (not properly purged), or tastes like crap (GIGO = garbage in, garbage out); thanks to bad extraction technic.

So I drive…

and “f##king A” if my man “J” didn’t have the BHOMB -est Shatter I’v ever witnessed. Most people / stoners would pleased as punch to have 5 pounds (about $25,000 worth) of some of the sweetest, tricomed  out, Hard Core OG the southland can grow. Not “J.”  A modern day alchemist, he turned around and shredded these dank little nugs of doom, only to instead make some of the sweetest, tastiest, most terpine flavored – kick you in the cerebellum  concentrates I’ve ever tasted.

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Stoned, happy and appreciative…I just wanted to say thanks to “J,” and the WCC Crew – who work insane hours to help provide southern Californian’s prop 215 patients with the best tasting, healthiest meds I have ever enjoyed.

Have a peaceful and elevated Labor day!


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