CBD Research: Marijuana Cannabinoid May Reduce Brain Damage Caused by Alcohol


As Americans are slowly weaned off the # 1 cause of domestic violence – alcohol, an updated report by the University of Kentucky’s Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, claims marijuana’s CBD cannabinoid could reduce brain damage incurred through prolonged and heavy alcohol consumption. A revised report in the Journal of ‘Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior’ noted;

transdermal delivery of cannabidiol attenuates binge alcohol-induced neurodegeneration in a rodent model of an alcohol use disorder.” In other words, smoking weed could mitigate alcohol-induced brain damage associated with chronic drinking.

Very cool!

In this study of marijuana’s CBD cannabinoid and excessive alcohol consumption; lab rats were subjected to two separate forms of cannabidiol (the CBD cannabinoid found in marijuana). One in gel form, the other an injection.

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Experiment 1: 1.0%, 2.5% and 5.0% CBD gels were evaluated for neuroprotection. The 5.0% CBD gel resulted in a 48.8% reduction in neurodegeneration in the entorhinal cortex assessed by Fluoro-Jade B (FJB), which trended to statistical significance (p = 0.069). Treatment with the 5.0% CBD gel resulted in day 3 CBD plasma concentrations of ~ 100.0 ng/mL so this level was used as a target concentration for the development of an optimized gel formulation.

Experiment 2: tested a next-generation 2.5% CBD gel formulation, which was compared to CBD administration by intraperitoneal injection (IP; 40.0 mg/kg/day). This experiment found similar magnitudes of neuroprotection following both routes of administration; transdermal CBD decreased FJB + cells in the entorhinal cortex by 56.1% (p < 0.05), while IP CBD resulted in a 50.6% (p < 0.05) reduction in FJB + cells. These results demonstrate the feasibility of using CBD transdermal delivery systems for the treatment of alcohol-induced neurodegeneration.

After all was said and done, researchers from the Department of pharmaceutical sciences concluded that; “the results demonstrate the feasibility of using CBD transdermal delivery systems for the treatment of alcohol-induced neurodegeneration.”



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