Help NORML Win a Super Bowl Ad For Marijuana Legalization


There has never been a major, nationally televised advertisement for marijuana–or marijuana reform–but as soon as February 2 during the NFL’s upcoming Super Bowl, that could change. And you can help make this former pipe dream a reality for NORML–the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws–by taking 5 seconds to visit the contest, vote for NORML, and give legalization a chance to reach the nation-wide audience it deserves.

It goes without saying that a well-done, smart endorsement for marijuana legalization by the nation’s foremost reform group aired during America’s most widely watched event of the year would have a serious impact. The contest is run by Intuit, and NORML will then have to make it past a judge’s round–but NORML’s campaign has already gained momentum as they continue to rise in the contest’s first round.

 Here is the official message from NORML, which explains the contest in detail, and what this monumental victory and ad could mean for national marijuana reform:

Intuit Quickbooks is currently running a contest, with the grand prize being a professionally produced ad run during the big game this year. The first round of the contest is public voting and we are pleased to say NORML, after just a few short days, has skyrocketed to the #6 most popular submission.

Together, we the people, are ending America’s war on pot. With the last election and with the recent announcement from the attorney general in Washington DC, we are beautifully positioned to make sure a responsible, adult American citizen is never again arrested for the use of recreational marijuana.

But this doesn’t just happen. Please take a moment of your time to support our campaign to bring the message of legalization to the masses during the most watched TV program of the year.

The voting process is simple. Click the link below and you will be taken to NORML’s entry. Click “Vote for Us” and you’re done (no login, no Facebook connect). Then share with your family and friends via your social media pages. Don’t forget that you can vote once a day. Together we can make marijuana legalization a topic of conversation at every game watching party across the country!

If you vote, we will win.

After this round of voting, it’s up to the folks at Intuit to whittle the 20 finalists down to four finalists–and then it goes back to the public. Ironically, this year’s Super Bowl will air on FOX, so after we help catapult NORML into the second round, it will be interesting to see whether or not cannabis can jump the conservative hurdle and enter the limelight.

Because it might just look something like this:


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