HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup Seattle 2013 award winners


So you couldn’t make it to the 2013 Seattle High Times Cannabis Cup this year? Yeah, me either – but that’s OK.  While we couldn’t make it up to the first ever legal Seattle HTCC event… there were plenty of people to document the whole 420 circus.

While Gil is still working on his highly anticipated video of the two day event – here are the winners from the 2013 Seattle HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup. By all reports, it’s was a great Cup – and everyone from WeedMaps and Marijuana.com looks forward to next years event.

Stay elevated Seattle… and congratulations to all the chronic winners!


Congratulations to all the winners!

FIRST PLACE — TJ’s Platinum Label from TJ’s Organic Gardens
SECOND PLACE — Tres Dawg from Fweedom Collective
THIRD PLACE — OG Ghost Train Haze #1 from A Greener Today

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FIRST PLACE — True OG from Only The Best (OTB)
SECOND PLACE — Star Dawg from Evergreen Patient Network
THIRD PLACE — TJ’s Purple Label from TJ’s Organic Gardens

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FIRST PLACE — Ewok from Fweedom Collective
SECOND PLACE — Jack One (aka Rebel Alliance) from Triple Mega
THIRD PLACE — El Jeffe from Only The Best (OTB)

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FIRST PLACE — H.G.H. Goji OG Overshatter from VFL Collective
SECOND PLACE — OG Thin Mints from Gold Coast Extracts
THIRD PLACE — After Life OG Honeycomb from Exotic Genetix

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FIRST PLACE — Dynasty OG Solventless from Urban Healing Collective & Green Masons
SECOND PLACE — Orange LifeSaver from Stay Concentrated
THIRD PLACE — BAMF Lemon OG Solventless from VFL Collective

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FIRST PLACE — Day Dreamers High CBD Chocolate Bar from SJ Patients Group
SECOND PLACE — Be The Light Golden Frankincese Truffle from Cheffettes
THIRD PLACE — Ettalew’s Medibles Sampler from Greenside Medical

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FIRST PLACE — Veganic Strawberry Cough from Kushman Genetics/Buds & Roses LA
SECOND PLACE — Uncle Jim from Camo Collective Gardens
THIRD PLACE — Master Yoda from Kush Connection

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FIRST PLACE — Whitewalker OG from Gold Coast Extracts
SECOND PLACE — Killer Bee OG from Brutal Bee Concentrates & Precision Oil Tech
THIRD PLACE — H.G.H. Goji O.G. from VHL Collectives

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FLOWER — Catatonic from Elemental Wellness Center – San Jose
CONCENTRATE — CBD Simple from Phytosphere Systems
EDIBLE — C.B. Can-D Lollies from MTG Seeds

Kush Creams Kit from Kush Creams

Best Booth
FIRST PLACE – Cali Connection
SECOND PLACE – California Finest
THIRD PLACE – Oilslick

Best Product
FIRST PLACE – Oilslick – Oilslick
SECOND PLACE – California Finest Medical Marijuana Cigarettes – California Finest
THIRD PLACE – 710 Kan – 710 Kan

Best Glass
FIRST PLACE – Sasquatch Glass – Sasquatch Glass
SECOND PLACE – Get Connected – Cali Connection
THIRD PLACE – Silika Glass – Silika Glass

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FKgt5s4spLQ&w=420&h=315]

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