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Like man, not all strains are created equal. And not all strains are blessed by Yahweh himself. A cut of OG so fresh Adam and Eve  smoked it in Eden, Kosher Kush (also known as “Jew Gold”) is on a lofty, mystical pedestal of its own. Like the bible, Kosher Kush’s legend is seeped in a bit of mystery, rumor, and lore. Recently, the Kosher myth has taken on a life of its own, becoming famous recently by winning the Cannabis Cup for Best Indica in both 2010 and 2011 (from the DNA Genetics/Reserva Privada seed-line). Likewise, Kosher Kush has become a staple strain for medical marijuana dispensaries throughout the world. It’s most renowned version is sold at The Clinic of Colorado.  

Basic Info: In reality, Kosher Kosh is simply a cut of OG Kush made infamous by a group of orthodox Jewish growers in California. Known as “Jew Gold” to these skilled and peyesed growers, the fine folks at DNA Genetics and Reserva Privada gave the name a litlte more politically correct handle in “Kosher Kush” and the rest is  history. If you’re looking to reach a Jewish audience or show off to your relatives during the High Holidays, then Kosher Kush is the bush to burn.

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Affect: Kosher Kush is a soothing, relaxing strain that eases joint pain and anxiety. After smoking Kosher Kush, you might just even be able to tolerate your Cantor’s sermon and your grandma’s fake gums. The munchies will undoubtedly seep in soon after consumption, and you’ll be able to go balls deep on some Latkes or Matzo Ball Soup. Just don’t order a bacon-cheeseburger–that shit aint kosher.

Scent: Like a fine, Jewish wine, the Kosher Kush has your typical, bomb OG

Growth and Seed Info: It takes a skilled, advanced green-thumb to work the Kosher Kush into its full potential. Kosher Kush takes some patience to grow, as its growth time runs in the range of 9-10 weeks. It poses just an average yield, so it’s not a strain you want to half-ass. When you get it right, it will shine off the pine. Kosher Kush is an easy trimmer and gets really, really Triched out if done properly. It’s also a big wax seller, so make sure you use that trim.

Tidbits: Method Man and Redman choose the Kosher Kush when they’re in Colorado, having both smoked the strain and wax, and even repped The Clinic’s Kosher Kush shirt while at a pool party in Las Vegas.

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  1. Just thought I’d mention that the article neglects to mention the price the Clinic requires patients to pay for this medicine!! $55 an 8th for non members and $50 for members?! I don’t mean to sound like a douche bag but, talk about being Jewish!!?? Colorado Alternative Medicine has a WAY better cut of Kosher Kush at only $40 an 8th(tax included).

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    • Sounds like you need to smoke a lot more of something. You seem to be a really angry person and a mean one at that.

  4. @rod Why the f**k you gotta bring racism in man? I’m white and I’m ashamed of having something in common with someone like you. Ugly, closed minded bitch.

  5. I actually enjoy this strain… heavy body feel munchies for sure… very kushy and chem dawg flavor… I deffinetly would pay 60 a 8th anytime for quality. . I simply enjoy my money worth

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