Washington DC And Marijuana Legalization: It's No Pipe Dream!


As federal opposition to state pot laws goes up in smoke, DC’s plan to legalize weed is anything but a pipe dream!

If Washington DC Councilman, David Grosso has his way, September 17th could be a chronic date for the DC city Council. Councilman Grosso is currently working on an initiative that would regulate and tax recreational marijuana, in addition to creating strict licensing requirements for the would-be marijuana shops of Washington DC.

“If we are going to have alcohol legal in this country, I don’t see any reason why we couldn’t have marijuana legal,” the Councilman bluntly pointed out.

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Acknowledging that his bill may take a few attempts to pass the arduous process, the Councilman openly hoped that his initiative would fire up the first round of rational debate in the Council Chambers. Currently 10 of DC’s 13 councilmembers have openly shown support for the decriminalization of small amounts of marijuana. While encouraging, their support for the decriminalization for small amounts of weed, does not directly correlate to their support for the outright legalization of pot.

For instance – Tommy Wells, the DC councilmember who initially sponsored the decriminalization bill, pointed out that the initiatives are profoundly different;

“the motivation for decriminalization simply has been the issue of the war on drugs and the disproportionate impact on African-American youthsgetting criminal records,” Wells explained to the Washington times.


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  1. I think you should have to take a course to smoke marijuana. Or a course on botany , buisness .. .because like alcohol it isnt for everybody.. . Even a driving test. To see how it affects certain people . Not sure you get hurt from marijuana unless you don’t let go of the roach..smoke in peace…

  2. Google: Endo-Cannabinoid or cannabinoid. Remember it was LEGAL, OVER the COUNTER till 1937. Remember 2 states are legal and MANY have medical programs. The nation will be legal very soon. Shall we have a class for oxy contin? Being that it actually kills people daily? or how about benzos, like xanax and valium etc? Being they as a matter of fact cause brain damage? Cannabis like compounds are made in your brain EVERY SINGLE DAY. Humans and mammals are the perfect match, we are essential wired to respond to cannabis unlike most drugs. The drugs which we are wired to, are illegal, there is no $ in the cure, only in countless over the counter, prescriptions, therapy, insurance rackets. Cannabis heals many who are sensible enough to do their homework. search for “what if cannabis cured cancer” and / or “run for the cure” once you are able to understand, please pass it on. Thank you!

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