Washington State LCB: 40 Tons of Commercial Pot and 334 Retail Weed Shops Given Green Light


“Retail stores would be allocated by population and accessibility. Seattle would get the most with 21 stores.”

Washington State wasted no time offering their proposal which outlines state guidelines for handling recreational marijuana rules and regulations, after last week’s about-face by the DOJ, regarding state sanctioned marijuana laws.

With the rules just receiving a fresh stamp of approval late Wednesday morning, the Washington state liquor control board limited the States total recreational marijuana production at 40 metric tons, or roughly 25% of the total assumed state requirement for the legal consumption of recreational weed, medicinal needs… As well as black-market pot.

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“The cap, in turn, helped determine the number of stores and limits on the amount of pot growers could produce. Under the revised rules growing facilities could be up to 30,000 square feet.

Retail stores would be allocated by population and accessibility. Seattle would get the most with 21 stores. King County would get 61 stores in all. Snohomish County was allocated the second most with 35.”

While some cities were anything but supportive [Think Kent Washington] State LCB officials allocated recreational pot shop permits based on cities size, and its populace, rather than moral objections. Potentially setting the foundation for a legal battle between those city officials who object to recreational pot, and the licensees who are due proper consideration.

Public hearings are scheduled for October 2013, representing the public’s last chance to have their voices heard on the sometimes touchy topic of recreational marijuana regulations. Barring any complications – Washington State LCB could then vote as early as October 16th  to adopt revisions, with permits becoming available 31 days later… Issued to recreational marijuana storefronts by mid-December 2013, and with stores firing up as late as next spring.



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