Big Hitter: Brazilian Marijuana Smuggler Killed By Stash


Smuggling weed is never an easy proposition – particularly in Brazil. And while no one has have ever died from smoking marijuana; smuggling 1,000 pound load of chronic across the Brazilian countryside is a risky proposition – with a permanent downside…death.

The hectic craziness started when a man, who was too crushed to be identified, was not quite careful enough while trying to smuggle a 1,000-pounds of Brazil’s finest KGB in the backseat of trashed and tiny ride on a one-way mission – a hopeless thrill ride from Soa Paulo to Mato Grosso de Sul.

Board, and always up for a good chase, it was only a matter of time before the Federal Highway Patrol caught a whiff of the action…and got in on the fun of foiling his antisocial adventures, setting up a roadblock to end his reign of pot smuggling terror.

Rather than glide effortlessly into the hands of the Federal Highway Patrol, the desperate smuggler, trying to make a few bucks figured one last joyride with the local authorities was the way to go. At blinding speeds, a three-mile hell ride ended when he lost control of his car, crashing into a tree…and becoming one with over 1,000 pounds of Brazil’s finest pot.

While possession of marijuana in Brazil for personal use would only garner a slap on the wrist from the local police, smuggling or selling large quantities of weed could potentially lead to any smuggler spending 15 years behind bars. And with a prison system that is rich in police brutality, torture, and summary executions there was plenty of motivation to make this smuggler “punch it.” When the cops said stop.


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