College Students from Germany's University of Göttingen Plant Marijuana Around Town As Protest


“One has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.” ~ Martin Luther King Jr.


Ouga Chaka ouga! …. A longtime fan favorite of many Germans, David Hasselhoff has a trippy little video called “Hooked on a feeling.” It’s a stoney little tune with undertones of merriment, celebration and seemingly, getting “high on believing.” And what their believing in (at least in this case), is marijuana legalization for the German people. The students of Gottingen, a small German college town, have begun an act of civil disobedience – anonymously wondering throughout the tiny Germanic town, planting thousands of cannabis seeds. The protest is meant as an act of defiance against Germany’s politicians for their disparaging of a plant, which has been proven to treat a broad spectrum of illnesses.

Upset by Germany’s restrictive marijuana laws, the pro-cannabis supporters point to the plants many cannabinoids – highlighting the scientific research, which displays marijuana’s ability to go far beyond just harmlessly relaxing a stressed-out populace.

While the pot cultivating college students have been met by mild resistance from some of the local police force, the students have successfully demonstrated that cannabis loves to grow just about anywhere – as the dope new seedlings began popping up all over town. Prompting many residents of the tiny Germantown to ask…’Why is marijuana still illegal?’

Particularly when; “There are thousands of peer-reviewed medical journals that point to the efficacy of cannabis as a healing plant: [treating]osteoporosis, depression, nausea, headaches, insomnia, and has been shown to treat untreatable seizures. The marijuana and cancer connection is especially strong, with countless studies showing how the plant can beat cancer.”

As a means of putting an exclamation point on their chronic little protest… The students from the University of Göttingen also gave the local police a little landscaping gift – as they planted thousands of cannabis seeds in front of their police station. While those cannabis plants has since been removed, marijuana continues to germinate, making its presence known throughout their rapidly greening city.


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  3. I have lived in Göttingen for over five years, so I know what’s going on here.This group of guerrilla growers is a cute idea, but it’s not accomplishing much. I know this town like the back of my hand and have yet to see any plants. Plus, whatever was confiscated wasn’t anything that could be smoked. Students here might be politically on the left, but they are mostly conservative law and medicine students. I barely know anyone that smokes here and even they don’t know where you can get any(that’s why these kids are trying to grow their own…but to no avail). In addition, this issue is simply not taken seriously by the politicians here. It’s illegal and that’s all there is to it. It is decriminalized, but if it is ever legalized here, it will be the last country in the EU to do so.

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