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Denver's Nasal Rangers On Hold…It's Safe To Smoke In The Backyard Again


After first threatening to bring out the “Nasal Rangers” in full force, a new proposed ordinance for the pot smoking citizen of Denver  has taken root. This newest rendition would allow marijuana consumption on private property and the open possession of weed in public ares. Backing off their earlier threats of outright banning marijuana’s open use, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

The latest crop of  less-bad  ideas proposed by the Denver City Council isn’t as toxic as the first yield of voter suppressing BS, which was aiming to ban even the most remote whiff of the burning herb…regardless of wether or not you were on your own private property. Cra-Cra!

“Compromise is alive and well in the city and county of Denver,” said Councilman Chris Nevitt, who worked with Mayor Michael Hancock’s office to draft the proposed law.

Had the previous ordinance passed, it would have prohibited the smoking of marijuana on any outdoor private property, as well as making it illegal to cary marijuana in public parks – such as Denver’s pot smoking hot spot… the 16th Street Mall.

Initially, the law would have forbidden people from smoking marijuana in their backyards, made it illegal to possess pot in parks and on the 16th Street Mall, and levied penalties of up to $999 and a year in jail.

All of this despite the fact that marijuana was legalized for adult use in Colorado by a ballot initiative in 2012? 

The American Civil Liberties Union protested, saying the proposed law would be unconstitutional. Marijuana-industry officials said the tough rules would have recriminalized marijuana, which was legalized for adult use in Colorado under Amendment 64.

The updated draft of the ordinance which eliminates a reference to smell as constituting “open and public consumption,” must still be approved by the City Council.

“Anyone is free to have marijuana in these locations,” claimed Denver City Councilman, Chris Nevitt, suggesting that back yards were a safe zone, they just don’t want people in the parks and at the mall “waving it around.”

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