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Heads Up: Heat-Sensing Helicopter Hits On U.K. Marijuana Grow Op


The great thing about technological advancements: it makes life easy for everybody…

Which brings us to the worst thing about technological advancements: some of these progressions can also make it extremely easy for the police and governmental entities to invade your privacy…in ways you never suspected. This is exactly what Benjamin Edwards, a 28-year-old Briton discovered when the West Midlands police department made an unannounced visit on his clandestine  marijuana grow operation.

Mr.Edwards, now busted for cultivating 143 pot plants, is none too pleased by the attention rained down on him by the heat sensing helicopter. Not only did he loses his crop, and bring unnecessary attention to his apartment complex…upsetting his neighbors. But now with winter fast approaching  – Edwards’ quickly cooling neighbors, who were no doubt enjoying the benefits of his free aromatic heat, will no longer find their comfort level supplemented by his apartments grow operation.

Doomed by the unventilated heat – Benjamin’s not so secret pot garden was discovered accidentally in his 10th-floor flat.  While the marijuana plants were well concealed within the apartment, the intense heat thrown off  by the lighting equipment  created a massive heat signatures on the apartment’s outside wall. Making his hidden grow Op easy to detect by a police helicopter scouring the neighborhood with an infrared camera, lighting up their heat sensing screen like a beacon of illegal activity.

While out performing a routine operation,  the heatseeking helicopter accidentally stumbled upon the suspicious heat signature, the police explained Tuesday:

West Midlands Police Deputy Air Operations Manager Martin Knowles, said: “The crew were heading back from a search in the Solihull area when they noticed a clear heat source at a flat in Nechells.

“Our thermal cameras can detect unusually high temperatures coming from properties several thousand feet away – anyone growing cannabis on a commercial scale, using rows of heat lamps, runs the very real risk their criminality will be rumbled from the skies.”…

Police search teams found the plants – which had potential to yield drugs with a street value of around £30,000 – scattered throughout the Nechells flat which had been modified to accommodate light, irrigation and ventilation systems.

Last Friday, a Birmingham judge handed down  a suspended 2-year sentence to Edwards, in addition to ordering that he attend drug rehab. As marijuana cultivation becomes a primary source of supplemental income for many British entrepreneurs, Benjamin should have plenty of chronic company in rehab, with lots to talk about between his fellow British cultivators, as his bust chalks up the 399th marijuana grow operation discovered by the West Midlands Police in the last 12 months.

Currently, Britain is all abuzz about marijuana, as the plants safe and relaxing high is enjoying a surge in popularity.  A recent report from a national police association noted that in 2012, 21 marijuana farms were busted each day. This recent infrared bust represents mearly one of the many techniques deployed by narcs in their relentless hunt weed farmers around the globe. Constantly searching for new indicators, the police make it a point to key in  on unusual occurrences – like large deliveries of soil, fertilizer and cultivation equipment, stinky house vents and stolen electrical hookups.

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