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If you’ve ever wondered how 50 pounds of cannabis gets produced in one week, look no further. The Medicine Man in Denver has been safely serving up some of Denver’s sweetest herb to patients since 2010. And grow it all on their own, in house, with an elaborate, fully functional-grow system that would make Jack Herer weep with joy.

We recently sojourned to the Medicine Man in north Denver for an insider’s look at their operation, from seed to sale. What we saw was a shining example of a professional, full-scale, fully functional grow. From its immense vegetation room to its lofty grow rooms to its patient-filled medicine room, the Medicine Man is a flawless model for how a dispensary and a grow should both be run.

Whether its their Blue Dream or Grandoggy Purps or Ogre or O–all for the mere price (tops) of $35 an 1/8–, the Medicine Man has got all the good stuff at the right price. With over 60 strains, edibles, tinctures, and concentrates on tap, the Medicine Man has deservedly become a go-to source for North Denver’s medical marijuana patients.

And you can take a first-hand peak at exactly how all the medicinal magic happens in their corridors:

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If you haven’t been to the Medicine Man, it’s high time you change that–first time patients get an ounce for just $99.


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  1. Hey. . . considering moving to the area simply because I need someone to take me seriously about the pain & fatigue I’m in. If I don’t stop trying to figure out a management; perhaps I’ll live. However, it’s killing my soul. Currently in KY. Need assistance even if it’s to provide resources for new disabled movers to your town. Desperate. Plz help.

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