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Kush Cake Pops: Medibles Made Right


I love kush. I love cake. Put them together and it’s a dream come true.

The Kush Cake Pop phenomenon burst onto the scene when Rolling Stone (June 2013) deemed them “The strongest space cakes we could find.”  This made me curious. Fortunately, stoner luck smiled down upon me: to my surprise the Kush Kakery was our neighbor at the Cannabis Cup in Seattle. With their colorful candy land booth, fun energy, and incredible tasting cakes, the Kush Kakery held it down across the board.  After sampling the pops in Seattle, I was hooked. Not only do they taste amazing (just look at them), but they’re incredibly potent.

Kush Cakes come in either 111mg or 222mg potency. Kush Kakery offers 17 different varieties of gourmet cakes mixed with rich frosting covered in colorful medicated chocolates and sprinkles. All varieties have clever names and unique flavors. Some popular flavors include: Acapulco Gold – Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge Brownie in Gold Peanut Butter frosting, Blue Dream – Blueberry Streusel, Girl Scout Cookies – Cookie Brownie cake with marshmallow White chocolate & Toffee Crunch, LA OG – Rainbow cake. The Cakes are made with cannabutter which make them solvent (see: butane) free.

The label states they are 2-4 doses per cake pop, but I ate the entire 222mg pop in one sitting. (Because they tasted that delicious!) I have a high tolerance and figured eating the whole cake would be the best way to test out the potency.  I started to feel my eyes get heavy and my body go into full relaxation within an hour. My stress and anxiety were soon distant memories as I coasted into outer space.

And there was an added bonus: when I woke up the next day, I felt like my usual spry self.

Like most non-pain medicators, I use edibles to help me relax and get a good night’s sleep. Typically, edibles make me feel groggy the next morning which makes it extremely difficult to get out of bed. But not these.

While not the most discreet treat on the market, the Kush Kakery has created a fine niche for themselves and the world is starting to take notice.

The Kush Kakery has certainly exited the underground and entered the mainstream. Even Wiz Khalifa has hopped on the Kush Kakery bandwagon:

“The whole weed cake thing? I’m totally with it. The icing and the cake is so good that it’s like a little weed surprise. You get a pretty woozy, loopy body high, but at the same time you feel good and in the game.”Wiz Khalifa in Rolling Stone magazine.

All their edibles are made in a certified kitchen and come from the highest quality organic cannabis flowers available. Kush Kakery’s products can be found in dispensaries throughout Southern and Northern California and the company hopes to expand to other states soon. If you like cake and you like weed then Kush Cake Pops is what you need.

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  2. Ive heard about these from a friend in California and he told me they were amazing! I’d love to buy some kush cake pops. The only problem is that I live in Idaho. If theres any information on shippin these out of state, Please let me know via emal. Thank you!

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  5. Would love to offer this to our patients! please tell me where we can get more information about buying some for our collective.

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