Marijuana for Ricky Williams Was "Like Spinach For Popeye"


Ricky Williams long ago cemented his spot in the pantheon of athletes that love to smoke weed–he is the Champion of Kush. But since his playing days, Ricky has become even more open about his past marijuana use, becoming the poster boy for why athletes should be allowed to use marijuana as medicine.

Currently, when not practicing holistic therapy, Ricky works as an assistant coach at the University of Incarnate Word in  San Antonio. CampusInsiders caught up with Ricky, calling cannabis his career’s “achilles heel” and asking what he’d do if his player were popped with pot. Ricky’s response was an exercise of Kushism:

“I don’t agree that it was an Achilles heel, I kind of think it was more like spinach for Popeye.”

Its Williams’ clever–and on point–way of shooting down a attempts to call his pot smoking an addiction or a hindrance to his career (even though he lost a year of his career, Ricky should make the Hall of Fame).

Equating his habitual pot use to Popeye’s spinach could very well be tongue-in-cheek–based on what we know about weed, it’s unlikely the plant made him harder, better, faster and stronger. But, is it possible marijuana’s cannabinoids, terpenes, and soothing affects helped his joints recover from being sandwiched by 300 pound linemen or helped him get a good night’s sleep before a big game? Most definitely.

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During his playing days, Ricky was made out by the media as a pothead who didn’t care about his teammates. He was mostly silent about his marijuana penchant while playing in the NFL. Now, he’s become a staunch, outspoken supporter for the herb, and one who could probably use a bigger platform (maybe his own Anthony Bourdain-like marijuana show?).

Either way, Ricky is a proud member of team green. Whether he was smoking weed the night before he ran for 200 yards or simply burning one down in the stead of pain-killers, Ricky stayed medicated throughout his career, and now, he’s become an exemplar for why athletes should be able to blaze without fear.



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