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Monday Morning Wake-N-Bake Bite: A 420 Breakfast Sandwich


Damn Monday’s suck…

Annoying sounds of my alarm clock notifying me that it’s time to get out of bed; so begins the onslaught of another long workweek. Most hard-working stoners understand there’s no better way to fuel your body’s energy cells then by providing the necessary nutrients required to allow for critical thinking – such as starting your day off with a protein rich meal. While McDonald’s may have started the megatrend of serving up pseudo-food, in the form of breakfast sandwiches, not many of my ilk were interested until marijuana infused butter became part of the recipe.

Being a big fan of starting my day both high, and full on bacon… this twisted version of a wake and bake breakfast seemed like a perfect fit for this last week in October 2013.

Necessary ingredients:

Two large free range chicken eggs

Two slices of bacon (sorry Wilbur)

Two slices of organic whole wheat toast

One gram of finely ground sweet leaf marijuana trim

Two slices Monterey Jack cheese

One tablespoon Cannabutter


How to make the wake-n-bake bite:

Utilizing either a large pan or pancake griddle, put one tablespoon of cannabutter on your preheated cooking surface – first cook your scrambled eggs until done, then cook your bacon in the well seasoned frying pan. After partially toasting your bread, apply a thin smear of canabutter on the bread and complete toasting. Now with your bacon, eggs, and toast all cooked and ready to eat, it’s time to assemble your wake-n-bake sandwich.

Taking your 1 gram of finely ground sweetleaf and generously sprinkling it over both pieces of cannabuttered toast, you are now ready to pile on the additional ingredients. First lay a thin layer of cheese over the finely ground cannabis on your toast, and put it back in the toaster until melted. Remove your to chronic slices of well-buttered toast and place your two slices of bacon, scrambled eggs and any garnish you might feel necessary on top. Now completed, join your two halves and get ready to enjoy.

Just because the weekends over… doesn’t mean the fun has to end – go out make it a great week!

For those that have never made cannabutter before… here is a simple instructional video.


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