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NORML Robbed of its Super Bowl Commercial Bid by Intuit


After one round of voting, NORML was the clubhouse leader in Intuit’s “Small Business Big Game” Super Bowl Commercial contest. The outpour of national media coverage and internal support from the marijuana community catapulted NORML, the National Organization For the Reform of Marijuana Laws, to the top spot in the contest.

All signs pointed towards NORML at least advancing to the Final Four–and perhaps winning the first ever national marijuana commercial in front of the nation’s largest televised audience on February 2 when the Broncos and Seahawks face off in the Super Bowl.

Then, Intuit held its second, “silent”, round, in which voters could not see which companies were in the lead. Likewise, Intuit today unveiled which 2o finalists advanced to the third round, and, mysteriously, NORML was missing from the mix and in its place is a commercial for something called POOP.

Yes, in the country’s most well-known and influential marijuana reform organization’s (whose small budget and staff met contest guidelines) stead are a mis-mash of local businesses ranging from a local bakery to start-up beef jerky companies to a dream about POOP. Really.

To top it off, Intuit–in a slimy gesture–has not even offered an explanation as to why NORML was eliminated from the contest. Now, it might be unfair and far-fetched to deduce that Intuit screwed NORML over, not wanting to be the company responsible for airing a marijuana commercial to kids. But is it possible based in Idaho legitimately gained more votes than NORML?

No–it’s flat-out inconceivable to think that a national organization with 500,000+ Facebook fans and with the support of both Weedmaps and Reddit’s vast marijuana communities couldn’t surpass a bunch of mom and pop shops in a user-voted contest.

Our friends at NORML are playing it cool (as us people are prone to do), acknowledging that they received a ton of press from simply entering the contest. But also: rightly suggesting that Intuit did not play a fair game:

“It is unfortunate that Intuit seems to be relying more on outdated political values instead of overwhelming public opinion when it comes to selecting which entries advanced in their contest,” noted NORML Communications Director Erik Altieri, “As demonstrated by the outpouring of support and positive media coverage for our entry, the country was ready and eager to see an ad for sensible marijuana law reforms during the most watched TV program of the year. This could’ve been a win for all groups involved, but instead Intuit will likely have only generated ill will for itself amongst the 58% of Americans who now support ending our country’s war on marijuana.”

Intuit shat the bed. They could have allowed NORML to advance to the Final Four, then quietly dismissed them in favor of a more “politically correct” candidate. This option would have both followed their contest’s guidelines, and given the marijuana community the positive will it deserves.

Instead, Intuit cast NORML aside like a stray dog, and consequentially have pissed off every stoner (all 58% of them) that reads the news on a daily basis. It’s an immoral, boneheaded maneuver from a massive, “forward-thinking” software company that deserves scrutiny.

And it’s worth repeating that Intuit couldn’t even hire a PR firm to write a press release explaining the decision or come up with an excuse like “NORML’s widespread reach and existence somehow violated the contest’s rules” (even though they don’t).

It’s also worth considering that the nefarious marijuana likes of Roger Goodell, the NFL, and FOX (where the Super Bowl is airing) caught wind of NORML’s run at the contest, contacted Intuit, and nipped the bud in the butt. But we’ll never know.

Instead: nothing but a slap in the face.

NORML was robbed. We as a community were robbed. And the entire nation was robbed of seeing the truth on the big stage.

But hey, at least we get to see Bruno Mars and maybe even a commercial for POOP.


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  2. What do you mean
    “On February 2nd when the broncos face the seahawks”?
    Are you implying that the NFL is predetermined?
    How would you know as of oct26 what would be happening on february 2nd???

    • They are probably having wishful thinking because the two states that legalized weed were in the superbowl it would be so cool!

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  4. Just like your refund in Turbotax, Intuit made NORML’s votes disappear. Time to switch to H&R Block this upcoming tax season. Block should seriously think about backing NORML’s commercial, doing a joint (LOL) commercial would be perfect timing to grab the attention of 58% of American taxpayers.

    • State Farm canceled my homeowners insurance because of a fire at my neighbors home caught my property on fire and burned down my room ťhat had my medical garden in it. I had to go to court for almost 2 years because State Farm and the electricity company were trying to say I started the fire because of federal power theft. They tried to get me put in prison because they turned my neighbors fire into a crusade against medical marijuana. I never stold power and I didn’t start a fire but they still put me through the ringer. Fire investigators told them I didn’t start the fire but ťhat didn’t seem to matter. They moved on ahead and tried every trick in the book, knowing they had no reason. Eventually they had to drop everything cause the truth is the truth. But now State Farm will not renew my homeowners insurance. Since the fire they have renewed my policy twice. This year after reviewing our policy they saw the report on the whole case and because of the medical plants reported they can no longer have us as clients. They said because I probably started the fire but they are categorizing it as too high of claims being paid out over our 10 year history with them. Bullshit! Its because of medical marijuana regardless of the state law, regardless of the fact I had nothing to do with the fire and regardless of the fact I am a medical patient with the fricken right to grow my clean medicine. They paint a different picture and I am sick of things like this happening. They do what they want to us whenever they feel because were just stupid stoners. Well we are the majority and the truth always comes out in the end. The fact they pulled the NORML commercial does not surprise me. You see how they did me and they will stop at nothing to have it their way wrong or right. Its a shame! I can’t believe this bullshit!

      • You are very right and true and it time for things to change and it was very wrong to pull a ad the you won fair and it’s right for them to pass judgement in a law that helps us in life. I have a illness and a patient that lives in a state where it is not legal.

  5. Shows that intuit ans all the others have absolutely no class. Seems also that their actions could be considered fraud. But, I’m no lawyer — just another American citizen who knows wrong when they see it. How sad to see people still living in the past.

  6. Why even consider watching the game??
    The national FELONS league has its panties all bunched-up over a pro-pot ad??
    Yes, THAT is an appropriate response to 15+ years of murderers, drug-dealers, rapists, and other assorted FELONS the League allows to Play for Pay.. but mentioning Pot (without the usual false claims & Gov’t hype) was too much for their delicate sensibilities.. Giveth Unto Me, a FREAKING BREAK!!!!!!

  7. It’s also worth considering that the nefarious marijuana likes of Roger Goodell, the NFL, and FOX (where the Super Bowl is airing) caught wind of NORML’s run at the contest, contacted Intuit, and nipped the bud in the butt. But we’ll never know. With this decision how can we trust them to even know if the above can also determine the Superbowl winner before it is played

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