Seattle's World Famous Cannabis Farmers Market – Fires Up for Business


Some days a sane man can take a fat bong rip…and wonder what it all means? Then like a flashing epiphany, you realize what it was all about. Like blazing down California’s coastal Highway 1, at 60 miles an hour – only to have huge deer jump on the road in front of you… Eyes locked on the headlights. Boom Baby! Total clarity… No more ambiguity. Seattle’s medical marijuana community has fought long and hard for this moment, and yesterday it finally arrived – Seattle embraced their new farmer’s medical marijuana market.

Seattle’s marijuana community fought hard for this freedom, and are willing to continue their battle to keep an open air market. A place where cultivators and manufacturers can lawfully distribute everything from cannabinoid infused candies, to hemp infused body lotions and everything in between. Of course, they were also well-stocked with the obligatory THC encrusted medical cannabis strains.

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“It’s so important for everybody that actually values medical cannabis to defend their medical cannabis rights,” noted Jeremy Miller, the director of the World Famous Cannabis Farmers Market.

As state and local power mongers hash out many of the nuanced details on recreational marijuana regulations for Washington State – including the number of brick-and-mortar storefronts to be allowed, zoning regulations and tax issues.

The director of the Seattle’s cannabis farmers market is rightfully concerned that state leaders will do the same to medical marijuana; “you’re worried about things like taxes,” asked a KIRO 7 reporter, “yeah,… It’s not just me – it’s [Seattle’s] patients.”

In an attempt to educate Seattle’s medical marijuana patients, and push for specific laws protecting medical marijuana patients. Miller and other supporters of MMJ began producing video testimonials from Seattle area patients during their  inaugural visit to the Cannabis Farmers Market.

Seattle’s cannabis farmers market plans to lobby Washington state politicians next year, and Miller is fighting for medical marijuana use to be protected and run by the state Department of Health – rather than its liquor control board.

The overwhelming response from patients at Sunday’s cannabis market… Was that of support.

“When I started taking cannabis, a magical thing happened: all my symptoms, all my pain, all everything just one away,” Seattle patient May Tang proclaimed.

History is full of these moments in time, where the paradigm of society is turned on its head. While some things happen for no good reason – this was not one of them. Marijuana is a medicine and needs to be treated as such. The people voted, their voice was heard… And the politicians need to respect the same opinions that put them in office.


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