Stoned Mario Takes A Big Rip! New Marijuana Videogames And Their Elevated Play | Marijuana

Stoned Mario Takes A Big Rip! New Marijuana Videogames And Their Elevated Play


As the stigma of being a Stoner is cast aside by America’s newfound understanding of the marijuana plant, entrepreneurs seeking to serve all demographics within the marijuana community are scrambling to create useful and innovative ideas to service the 420 set. Options for the pot entrepreneur seeking to create a lucrative space within the marijuana business model are becoming more difficult to identify.

Unless of course were talking about couch-locked stoners playing online marijuana games.

Of course there are a few peripheral requirements of this game that are unique to our specific culture; paraphernalia – weed, bongs, papers and the willingness to take fat bong rips as punishment for screwing up during gameplay…or when your user meets his final maker.

Penalty time: Smoke!

Penalty time: Smoke!

With games like Stoned Mario, stoned Pac-Man, stoned memory, and stoned hangman, was initially fired up late last month. The developer Russ Hudson, noted that he was interested in creating a website that is not only fun, but also promotes the legalization of marijuana for recreational use in some of America’s darker corners of oppression.

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“The entire country; indeed the entire world, is rapidly making a shift in consciousness and this shift is calling for legalization of marijuana.  Unfortunately, this means that right now there is an enormous amount of political pressure on the entire marijuana culture and industries.  This isn’t right, because the concept of recreational marijuana use is one of relaxation, stress relief and spiritual grounding, so the hype and stress of activism is really the opposite of this concept.”

Hudson, late to the marijuana dispensary review and strain identification game, is hoping to do a little catch-up SEO work by allowing marijuana strain and dispensary reviews. In addition to hosting memes, pot centric images, and related marijuana facts – as well as a quick cannabis quiz – waiting to test the tokers knowledge on all things marijuana.


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