The Weed Not Greed Tour Hits The Highest Road – Summer 2014 | Marijuana

The Weed Not Greed Tour Hits The Highest Road – Summer 2014


Marijuana supporters and cops alike will no-doubt take notice of the Weed Not Greed Education Tour (WNG), set to cultivate awareness during the summer of 2014. Educating the uninformed of the ever-increasing pressure to viciously stomp out the idea of marijuana legalization…before the roots become nourished and spread.

“No matter where we are, we will be educating and informing, from grabbing a bite to eat to just driving down the road, the Weed Not Greed Cannabis Education Tour Bus will not be missed.”

Coming Summer 2014

According to their website, the ultimate goal of the Weed Not Greed Education Tour is to hit the open highways and cop littered byways of our great American petri dish, spreading the word about the ongoing battle to re-demonize the marijuana plant, just as legalization is beginning to spread.

Weed Not Greeds’ founder, David Kowalski, notes that he’s ready for a road trip of epic proportions, armed with a 45-foot billboard bus, packed with a fact based staff, their ready to spread the seeds of wisdom. Ready to travel the speed trap littered byways, Kowalski’s clan will germinate the largest road trip initiative campaign ever, with the ultimate goal of educating America’s out of touch masses about the beneficial aspects of marijuana legalization.

The Weed Not Greed Crew

The Weed Not Greed Crew

The founder of Weed Not Greed notes that their main mission “is to educate the unknowing and to raise the issue above the level of a key election topic to immediate health and economic concern. The number of neurological and muscular diseases that cannabis can treat is shown in the dozens, including many types of cancer.”

With little over 6 months left before these chronic supporters of the cannabis plant hit the High Road, the WNG organizers are in serious need of some financial support.  Individual donations, corporate sponsorships…whatever. They’re trying to raise $250,000  for a bus, an additional $20,000 for fuel, munchies… and of course some much needed personal care and hygiene items.

The Weed Not Greed Tour Hits The Highest Road - Summer 2014

The Weed Not Greed Tour Hits The Highest Road - Summer 2014

Those interested in helping out, or interested in joining the staff for the Weed Not Greed Education Tour can contact them here.

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