Top 5 Selling Marijuana Strains and Pot Price Index for September 2013


September 2013 Top 5 Strains

Listed by an average price – the top five selling strains across the United States for September 2013 were:

1.) Kush at $321

2.) Diesel at $322

3.) Purps at $365

4.) Girl Scout Cookies at $313

5.) Cheese at $297

Marijuana Price Index:

As Marijuana goes mainstream, production soars, and prices drop. A classic lesson in microeconomics – and supply and demand. While the price drop has been slight, as of yet. Starting the first of the year in both Washington and Colorado marijuana sales we be open to adults over the age of 21. At which point we should see an interesting trend in the marijuana price structure.

…downward momentum. 

This report from htmg shows all ranges took a small hit, with one unsavory exception…the Schwag Index. Minus Schwags strong showing, US, Kinds, and Mid range strains all limped across the September finish line slightly below their previous month’s high. The US Price Index took the biggest hit at (-$13), as the iron grip of prohibition’s inflated price structure starts to crumble (Hopefully) Septembers slip had pot prices at its lowest average price per ounce since January 2013.

As making marijuana concentrates continues to gain momentum – primarily from schwag grade weed, that Index cultivated a $13 increase for the month of September, over Augusts average… and $6 above its year-to-date.

CURRENT US PRICE INDEX: $315 (last month: $328, Year-to-Date: $327)
CURRENT KIND INDEX ($350+ PER OZ): $396 ($400, $395)
CURRENT MIDS INDEX ($150-$349 PER OZ): $264 ($275, $274)
CURRENT SCHWAG INDEX ($1-$149 PER OZ): $110 ($97, $104) 


Top 5 Selling Marijuana Strains and Pot Price Index for September 2013

Top 5 Selling Marijuana Strains and Pot Price Index for September 2013


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