Florida Candidate For Governor: Nan Rich Supports Proposed 2014 Medical Marijuana Ballot Initiative


As Florida remains a “pill popper’s paradise,” the states would-be Democratic nominee for Governor, Nan Rich, proclaimed loud and clear on Friday that she fully stands behind the idea of medicinal cannabis and intends on supporting Florida’s proposed pro medical marijuana ballot initiative, which would legalize the use of the beneficial herb in ‘The Sunshine State.’

 Tired of the hypocrisy… Ms. Rich noted; “I’ve seen the research, I’ve studied the issue, and I’ve met with patients who clearly benefit and desperately need medically prescribed cannabis.”

She then fired up the pro medical marijuana troops, in the pill-centric retirement capital of the US, stating that Florida should hop on the medical marijuana bandwagon and join the 20 states -plus the District of Columbia – and cultivate their own medical marijuana laws.

That’s why I’m signing the petition to get this important measure on the ballot in 2014 and I’m calling on all of my friends and supporters to do the same.  There is simply no reason patients should suffer when an effective, safe, and organic remedy is readily available.

As reported in yesterday’s Sun Sentinel, there is a lot more to this medical marijuana ballot initiative than just the elderly and sick, gaining legal access to a competitor for the current standard for pain relief… and one of the nations leading killers – prescription pills. Its about smoking out the youth vote, and changing the body politic for many years to come.

“The initiative is getting much of its support from John Morgan, the lawyer associated with former Gov. Charlie Crist, who is expected to announce Monday he’s a candidate for the Democratic nomination to regain his old job, which he held from 2007 to 2011 as a Republican.”

Pundits, Spin Dr’s, and Political analysts alike understand this is a “Fork in the road moment,” and view this as a youth skewed ballot initiative; trying to legalize medical marijuana as a magnet for the disenfranchised, the young, and yes – liberals to the voting booths for the Mid term elections in 2014. Facing off for the highest job in the state, Nan will either come to political blows with Crist or Rich on the Nov. ballot.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HACL1zXjEQ0]Typically a yawner – Midterm elections are filled with bound issues and other mundane muni matters that kill voter turnout and bore the youth demographics… conversely marijuana issues spark interest and drive left-leaning voters. Here’s to hoping that this one derails Republican Gov. Rick Scott‘s nut bag express.

Support Candidate Nan Rich

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