Oregon: Only the State Can Ban Medical Marijuana Dispensaries


You can’t always get what you want”… Words of wisdom.

Though not very comforting for four Oregon cities hoping to ban medical marijuana collectives; concerned over the idea of damaging their reputation with the 55 and over set, or scaring off the states limited tourist’s revenue. A few months ago Medford Oregon’s fearful and ignorant city leaders voted successfully to ban medical marijuana dispensaries in their fair city. Shortly thereafter – Grant Pass, Madras, and Metolius all followed the path of willful ignorance.

Now thanks to the state’s legislative Council, who issued a warning letter Nov, 5th 2013, outlining who can ban what – within the state of Oregon – no one is banning anything… at least not without state approval. The necessity of this letter was sparked by the fearful, knee-jerk reaction of Oregon’s four cities – gone rogue.

Thank goodness calmer minds prevailed, now all four of these cities have just been issued a heated notice from the state’s office of Legislative Council – telling them to stand down. After passing HB 3460 the state legislature has provided political cover for medical marijuana dispensaries – according to Charles D Taylor, the senior deputy legislative Council, the new legislation “preempts most municipal laws specifically targeting medical marijuana facilities.”

he State of Oregon’s Legislative Counsel Committee issued a letter Nov. 5th

he State of Oregon’s Legislative Counsel Committee issued a letter Nov. 5th

The confused and out-of-touch politicians running Medford Oregon noted the federal prohibition of marijuana, and its current illegal status as the reason for changing their city licensing requirements; to comply with both state and federal laws. Sticking up for the righteous, as well as the voters that passed the states medical marijuana initiative – In his letter Mr. Taylor bitch slapped their ridiculous concern over federal intervention by writing;

“we conclude that while a municipality may not be required to violate federal law to comply with the conflicting state law, a municipality may not act contrary to state law merely because the municipality believes that the action will better carry out the purpose and objectives of federal law.”

Now with clear and concise definition, thanks to the passage of HB 3460; Oregon’s regulation of medical marijuana dispensaries is poised to shine as a pillar of compliance and safe access within the medical marijuana community.


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  1. Every election year we all are a little frighten what will happen with the marijuana dispensaries. I think it is crazy that some many politicians has a short term vision of mostly 4 years where they have to put there personal issues as first priority. Reminds me of Stalin from Russia, oh wait, he had a 5 year plan.

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