Pennsylvania: New CBD Dominant Medical Marijuana Bill Fires Up Bipartisan Support | Marijuana

Pennsylvania: New CBD Dominant Medical Marijuana Bill Fires Up Bipartisan Support


A blunt proponent of medical marijuana, Pennsylvania State Sen., Daylin Leach, has long sought to cultivate safe access to medical marijuana for the state’s sick and suffering, with little to no success. After witnessing his MMJ seedling of a bill, SB 770, be stomped in committee, extinguished of its current life force. Ever tenacious, the good Sen. has now been joined by Mike Folmer, a Republican from Lebanon, in a new fight to push forward a bill which would legalize medical marijuana that primarily contained the CBD cannabinoid. So, those patients in the state of Pennsylvania who require a high THC medical marijuana…you’d be AOL. Yet, as the two senators pointed out on Monday, their primary focus now is to come to the aid of the children, which suffer from the many forms of seizures – and can benefit from the CBD cannabinoid.

In a Kum ba yah moment, the two state senators have bridged an important gap for the sick, and suffering patients of Pennsylvania – representing the first time that a bipartisan supported medical marijuana bill has been drafted for the Senate’s consideration.

Under the provisions of the proposed bill, the keystone state’s doctors would only be permitted to prescribe medical marijuana which has a higher ratio of CBD to THC cannabinoids. According to Leach;

“it would not be addictive or psychoactive, and could be used in place of pharmaceuticals that are toxic, addictive or riddled with side effects.”

As the national spotlight begins to shine on the CBD cannabinoid -mothers…parents – from around the country are pleading to have safe and legal access to this miracle cannabinoid. Emboldened by Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s recent groundbreaking national report on the true benefits of medical marijuana in general, and the CBD cannabinoid specifically. Moms and dads around this country are standing up and screaming for justice. Demanding from their local politicians that they do their research, study. Rather than being pawns of the federal government.

From Utah’s desert southwest, to the Eastern Seaboard, parents plead with their local politicians to pull their head-out…and do what’s right!

Legalize medical marijuana for the sick and suffering of this supposedly  “great nation.”


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  2. I guess there’s not many Pennsylvanians adding much to this here. This is great news. I just can’t wait for out new Governor, as he wants to legalize fully by 2017. And even though it’s kinda early to do it, I am already pricing seeds. Even if they don’t legalize the cultivation, I’ll just keep a small grow op, for personal use only. What do I really need, 2 or three plants? I might get one of those cabinets, that you just plug in. I would do it as an ordinary house plant, if I wasn’t worried the cat might eat it.

    Well That’s My Two Pennies.

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  4. Due to my mother being diagnosed with brain cancer I have been doing a lot of reach about treatments I have that Thc has been proven to prolong and some cases completely cure certain types of cancer the sad part is it seems to me that in Altoona pa the doctors that I have spoke with and asked about this type of treatment with just laughed at me saying it don’t exist that there are no case studies that prove it helps anything even when I showed proof of multiple cases that it in deed did help it sickens me to see all the doctors around here seem to only give a fuck about are junkies I personally known people that have od on drugs the doctors spent countless hours doing everything possible to save there lives my mother was told you have brain cancer nothing we can do but send you home to die I have not seen one doctor in this town even attemp to go the extra mile to even consider any type of treatment for anyone I know unless there drug addicts my biggest question is if this drug is bad then why do doctors continue to help the people that use it rather then useing it for a good reason you can walk into any er say ur in pain and walk out with a script of oxycottin but can’t get marijuana to help people with cancer

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