Southern Nights: Marijuana Strain Review and Photos


Nights in the South are mysterious, fragrant and muggy. In summer, the cool evening breeze provides a welcome relief from the relentless warmth and overbearing humidity. Quenching the heat of the long Southern nights. A hit off Southern Nights offers the smoker rejuvenation; refreshing the mind, body and soul – as welcome as a cool drink of water.

Basic Info: The all Indica Afghani strain embodies revitalizing qualities. Like most Indica strains, the Southern Night plants are robust and sturdy, but require additional veg time to gain size and root mass during their vegetation cycle.

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Growth and Seed Info: With pure Afghani parents, this strain offers an incredibly fast flowering time. Like an early moonshiner racing to stay free from law enforcement, Southern Nights hauls ass through her flowering cycle, producing fully mature flower within six – seven weeks of switching over from her vegetation cycle. This southern belle loves growing indoors or out, in soil or hydroponically – and is known to produce copious crops when grown in a sea of green set up. For the outdoor cultivator, Southern Nights generally finish their flowering approximately 45 – 50 days after the summer solstice, hitting full maturation no later than the end of September in Mediterranean climates.

Once the ladies have switched into full flowering – removing the lower branches will provide bigger buds at harvest. While providing proper nutrients is always critical for healthy well producing plants, from the summer solstice forward, it’s critical not to overfeed the plants until they hit critical mass. Once substantial growth has been cultivated, Southern Nights takes on the appearance of a dwarf Christmas tree, complete with sticky, dark green leaves. If your plants appear anything other than dark and dense, something’s wrong. Check your pH levels and micronutrients in their parts per million at the reservoir. Southern Nights is a strain that works well for the moderately well-informed marijuana cultivator. While generally sturdy, cultivators need to keep a close eye on her pH levels, watching for signs of nutrient buildup, or deficiency, until a perfect balance is struck. Old-school cultivators prefer organic fertilizers as they tend to burn less, while providing a broader spectrum of micronutrients.

Affect: This strain lends itself to creating a positive framework for both mind and body – perfect smoking material regardless of the time of day – Southern nights embodies joyous traits that many find agreeable for different social situations. Providing both a positive and relaxing high, this strain works perfect for those going out to dinner, or staying home for a little private time. The whimsical high hits the body like a freight train. Relaxed, happy and euphoric the elevated mind and relaxed body allows for pain free movement of even the stiffest joints.

Scent: Harboring the typical Indica aromas, Southern nights calyx are swollen with terpene packed flavonoids – rounded out by earth rich flavors the Southern nights sent is one of her most highly sought after traits.

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