Will Arizona's Voters Legalize Marijuana in 2016?


There are, as you know, many within the state of Arizona who feel that the time for marijuana’s legalization has come. As the next election season begins cranking up the heat, politicians are beginning to crawl out from underneath their Washington DC rocks, commencing with their festival of deceit – pandering for the 420 vote.

and the Marijuana Policy Project believes there’s plenty of pro-pot votes to be had…

MPP, bolstered by federal approval of state pot-freedom laws, plans to put a Colorado-style legalization initiative on Arizona’s ballot for 2016. It’s part of a master plan to pass similar legalization laws in 10 states by 2017.”

With few exceptions, politicians are reprobates…and parasites and degenerates, and they have been a terrible anchor around the neck of the cannabis plants existence for the last 80 years… Indeed, we recognize these people, the faces and names have changed, but the lies and deceit remain the same.

When it was politically expedient to hop on board the “Reefer Madness” train for the sake of getting elected, they did. Now that the political wind is blowing in the direction of marijuana legalization, ex-politicians and those seeking to be a re-elected are hopping on the pro-pot train.

As Arizona’s projected sale of medical marijuana is expected to hit $440 million by 2016, even the state’s cranky Sen., John McCain, spoke up in support of legalizing, taxing and creating revenue off of legalized marijuana…

“Maybe we should legalize it. Were certainly moving that way as far as marijuana is concerned. I respect the will of the people.”

“Will,” or revenue?

Looking at the numbers it’s easy to see why. With an estimated $36 million in medical marijuana tax revenue, and an additional $43 million in licensing revenue – all hanging on the plant, waiting to be harvested – it appears that a growing number of politicians are beginning to see the common sense – thanks to money.

Regardless of the political, or monetary reasons for wanting to legalize weed; momentum is on the pro-pot movement’s side. Between US Atty. Gen., Eric Holder, and the Department of Justice calling a truce on states with marijuana laws, and the U.S. Senate judiciary committee trying to smooth out the wrinkles, between conflicting state and federal marijuana laws – the pot wars seem to be coming to an end…and it looks like weed won.

In this video, a Phoenix CBS news station reports on Arizona’s pro-marijuana legalization efforts…


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