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Paging Dr. Grinspoon – Is there a Dr. Grinspoon in the house?

Let’s hope so, because this unusually pure Sativa heirloom strain is a true lifesaver. Named in honor of noted physician, esteemed Harvard professor, prolific author, and of course – marijuana advocate – Dr. Lester Grinspoon.

According to Dr. Grinspoon’s own recollection, he first researched marijuana in order to document its harmful effects. Much to his surprise, as he studied the available research papers, he discovered little scientific support for the demonization of the cannabis plant. Conversely, he uncovered a sizable stash of methodical studies which warranted strong support for marijuana’s benign and positive influences.

Dr. Lester Grinspoon

Dr. Lester Grinspoon

As any good scientists should, Dr. Grinspoon made the necessary adjustments in his valuable opinion based on the scientific evidence he discovered. Upsetting the powers that be, in 1971, Dr. Grinspoon wrote the ground-breaking book, marihuana reconsidered; which argued that marijuana should be legalized. Since that time, Dr. Grinspoon has been a stalwart and steadfast advocate of marijuana legalization, utilizing his respected voice to help reform marijuana policies in the US and around the world.

Marihuana Reconsidered

Marihuana Reconsidered

Basic Info: Dr. Grinspoon’s variety has long been thought of as a “thinking man’s” strain of the most elevated order. This top shelf Sativa strain is an outstanding addition for personal cultivators seeking premium medication. Dr. Grinspoon’s genetics have a distinct budding pattern which makes it an obvious standout in any medical marijuana garden. Due to the pure Sativa heritage, Dr. Grinspoon’s growth patterns are slightly trippy – forming elongated branches with the flower loosely strung along the branch, popcorn style. Along with the willowy stems, and reduced yields the plants mature very slowly. As they begin to hit full maturation the plants slowly fill their gaps with buds, but the flowers remain separated rather than gathering into large colas. Yields are smallish to moderate at best – with good harvests ranging up to 350 grams per 10 ft.² of cultivation. Yields are likely to be better under the tutelage of a gardener who has already grown a few crops and figured out the basics.

Growth and Seed info: As is true with most Sativa’s, Dr. Grinspoon takes a while to hit full maturation. As such, Dr. G’s genetics makes a perfect indoor or greenhouse variety, particularly when living outside of the equatorial boundaries. When cultivated in an outdoor garden, Dr. Grinspoon needs a solid six full months of friendly weather to finish the flowering process, ripening in late October or early November. The utilization of organic fertilizers in a properly pH balanced grow medium will bring out the best flavors. Dr. Grinspoon’s genetics tend to interest savvy cultivators with more than a little cultivation experience, along with a healthy desire for growing sweet Sativa plants. Ask anyone that’s grown Dr. Grinspoon’s strain, they’ll tell you – this is no 90 day wonder strain – for those looking to grow a quick crop, and some fast cash. This is more like a bottle of great Cabernet Sauvignon. Although Dr. Grinspoon has a fun-loving clarity that makes it suitable for any occasion, these buds are often treasured and reserved to celebrate special moments.

Scent: The flowers aromatic quality is infused with the tropical elements anticipated from an island Sativa, but there is also a distinct lemon-herbal sumac smell. These terpenes are transmitted through their flavor, conveying a light lemon hint and a touch of honeydew earthiness.

Affect: This strains clarity will be manna for the true marijuana aficionado. Dr. Grinspoon has a pleasant entry into its elevated state, inviting a blissful and expansive mood that enhances compassion and provokes intellectual insights. Great as a daytime smoke or for sociable evenings out with friends; enhances intimate conversation. Given its propensity for heightened awareness, this is not a p.m. smoke.

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