Missouri Wants to Legalize Marijuana


The goal of legalization isn’t just a West Coast thing anymore. Maine, New York, and even Alaska are the un-traditional cannabis states to make headlines this year as states with serious chances to legalize cannabis in the near future.

Missouri, while not quite as far along, has hopped on the legalization bandwagon thanks to Show Me Cannabis, a group of committed activists hoping to get legalization on next year’s ballot. It might not be the bible belt, but bordered by Kansas and Arkansas, Missouri certainly wouldn’t be considered a liberal, progressive state.

Last night, over 200 people attended a showdown debate for legalization between activists and the police:

This time, the discussion involved law enforcement. The National Narcotics Officers Coalition has never addressed marijuana proponent organization, Show Me Cannabis, until now.

Vice President of NNOC, Sgt. Jason Grellner, said Show Me Cannabis has recently been holding several town meeting about legalizing marijuana in Missouri and he felt it was time people heard the other side.

Show Me Cannabis is planning to poll voters in 2014 to see if there is enough support to putting marijuana legalization on the ballot next year.

Show Me Cannabis Executive Director John Payne and Sgt. Grellner faced off in a respectful, professional debate for 90 minutes — which included questions from the audience.

When asked who won, St. Louis City resident Cecil King said, “It’s probably about half and half, both arguments on both sides, very good. It’s something both sides should get involved in and take a look at.”

“They both want the same end, which is to stop the abuse of a drug, but they’re coming at it in different directions,” said St. Louis City Resident Mike Votaw.  [KSDK]

Missouri and Show Me Cannabis’ actions–no matter how minor–are important. It’s emblematic of the nation-wide struggle, that people who love this plant in every state, even the conservative ones, are fighting, and pushing the boundaries on legalization.

Whether or not the subject of legalization makes Missouri’s bill next year, we’re seeing progress thanks to activists and common sense. Eventually, that progress will turn into legal weed.

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    DO YOU WANT SOME ONE TAKING YOUR PAIN PILL AWAY FO YOU LIKE BEING IN PAIN.DO YOU LIKE WATCHING PEOPLE DIE IN PAIN.YOU LIKE WATCHING LOVED ONES SUFFERING.HELP THE PEOPLE FIGHT FOR WHAT’S RIGHT.IF NOT GO TO YOUR DR AND PUT YOUR CHILDERN OR SPOUSES on some dangerous drugs killing your liver or giving your son female breasts .the drug companies are recalling drugs everyday causing more health problems and illnesses.
    I’m ready for a change and I’m ready for the government. get back on track boost the economy and put more money food clothing new jods and markets to work. help the people you love and your self.

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  6. It’s NOW time that this farce be put to rest. Over 70 years of prohibition and it is more abundant and better quality than ever before. The trillion dollar drug war was a vehicle for the government to obtain immense power. The medical benefits are what have kept us from using this plant. Big pharma can’t have you growing LIFE SAVING medicine in your backyard without them getting overly compensated for it. Pharma has the largest lobby in DC by far. The US government has known since 1974 that cannabis CURES CANCER. How many people could we have saved or comforted since 1974? Not when chemo drugs create a chain of meds that will be required for the remainder of life. You see greed take priority over human life. And we ARE paying dearly for this reason to fill prisons, seize assets and let the sick continue to suffer.

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