Weedmaps' Lists the First 23 Official Colorado Recreational Dispensaries


Weedmaps.com has released a Colorado-specific site landing page to aid both in and out of state consumers to find recreational cannabis come January 1, 2014. The page includes a list of the nine recreational dispensaries Weedmaps expects to open in five days and an FAQ aimed to educate the world on what’s about to happen in Colorado.

Weedmaps will live update this page and keep consumers updated with what shops are recreational throughout this entire process. Here is their official announcement:

In just five days, recreational marijuana goes live in Colorado. While it’s a fluid situation–and history in the making–the state of Colorado issued 348 licenses to operate this week, 42 of which will be able to function come January 1, 2014. This news means that it’s official: licensed recreational dispensaries will be able to sell weed to anyone 21 and over come January 1. Weedmaps has compiled a list of the 10 recreational facilities that will certainly be open on January 1, along with an FAQ for both Colorado residents and out of state visitors. While we expect this list to grow in the coming days and weeks (we’ll keep it updated), the first nine centers slated to go recreational on 1/1/2014 will be:

1. Medicine Man Denver

2. Breckenridge Cannabis Club

3. The Greener Side

4. CitiMed

5. DANK Colorado

6. 3D Cannabis Center

7. The Annie’s: A Strainwise Dispensary

8. Botanacare MMC

9. Lodo Wellness Center

10.Evergreen Apothecary

11. The Green Solution – Denver

12. Alpine Wellness

13. The Grove

14. The Green Solution – East

15. The Shelter

16. Telluride Green Room

17. The Haven

18. Northern Lights Natural RX

19. Bud Med Health Centers

20. Kindman

21. Denver Kush Club

22. Telluride Bud Company

23. Healing House Denver

The above locations and menus are all for these clubs’ medicinal marijuana centers. Again, we will keep this list live updated and continue to direct recreational smokers to all of the dispensaries that they can visit both on January 1 and thereafter. The whole world is watching Colorado–and we couldn’t be happier to be a part of his historical, monumental moment!

So pack those bags and book a flight to Denver–cause it’s about to go down!

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  1. Will you be able to order items from out of state. Like colorodo to maryland if not ….my doctor would give me a script for medical use as I am a chonic pain patient…please advise thanks

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  3. I would like to know if all the recreational dispensaries are in Denver only or are there some also in colorado springs, for example. Thanks

    • I called a local shop today in the Colorado Springs area, they said there aren’t any dispensaries here open to the general public. She advised me that Denver and Pueblo would be the closest shops open for recreational use purchases.

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  5. Hi, I was wondering, can I use a copy of the map (without a graphic in front) for a college presentation? It is a informational speech in Power Point and Adobe that will inform people of how our sales tax income has grown from these few little stores. I would like the original map, to make the point of how some counties are being stupid, not allowing a few stores. I am late on this project, so I would need an answer quickly. Of course your web site will be referenced!
    Thank you

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