Broncos & Seahawks a Win Away From the "Legal Weed" Super Bowl


If you’re looking for a quick fix for your favorite football team (Browns fans), look no further than legal weed. After the weekend, the Seahawks and Broncos appear headed on schedule for a Kush Super Bowl date on February 2 in New Jersey, unless the Patriots and 49ers pull off upsets.

No matter the outcome, this year’s Super Bowl Champion will come from a medical marijuana or legal marijuana state, since both San Francisco and New England hail from medical marijuana states (Massachusetts’ first dispensaries open this year). Is there a direct, hard-line correlation between legal weed and NFL success? Probably not, but it’s worth speculating.

Living in a state where marijuana is viewed as medicine instead of a drug that can get you arrested comes with inherent benefits–like not having to worry about going to jail, or buying from shady street dealers. For NFL players–who do like to get high and relieve their pain with cannabis–this certainly makes life easier. And playing in cities like Denver and Seattle over, say, Cleveland and Tampa Bay, far more desirable.

It’s pure speculation, but it’s not hard to imagine players choosing green pastures–Colorado now sells weed to anyone 21+, and Washington will follow suite later this year–for this exact reason. Why not get play good football and legally high while you can ? It’s not like the NFL tests for weed during the season–that happens on 4/20 every year.

And when there’s good weed around, everyone’s in a better mood, and maybe, just maybe, that mood translates to better performance (or at least, attitude) on the playing field.

Of course, the Seahawks and Broncos–who have both lost players to weed-related suspensions this year–are just flat out go0d. The Broncos lucked into Peyton Manning, the Hawks lucked into Russell Wilson, and now the teams boast arguably the best offense and the best defense in the history of the NFL, weed or no weed.

So if and when the legal weed squads face off in New York on February 2, it won’t just be the unstoppable force versus the immovable object–it would be the battle of America. Obvious puns will cover the headlines, and vendors outside the Meadowlands will undoubtedly sell cheap, knock-off Super Bowl shirts with Cheech & Chong in fo0tball garb.

It might be Roger Goodell and the NFL’s worst nightmare–but there will be an undercurrent of cannabis if the stars align and the home teams prevail. While there won’t be any pro-weed commercials at this Super Bowl–you just know the mainstream media will devour this kind of “coincidence” and project lousy blog posts and connections between weed and football success, just like this one.

The question is: will the fans stock their travel kits with medicine bottles filled with Haze–or will they pay 60 dollars for two grams of New York City’s finest Diesel?


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