So This is What Legal Weed in Colorado Looks Like


The first ever recreational purchase at 3D in Denver, by Marines veteran Sean Azzariti.

History has been made and America will never be the same: legal weed is here in Colorado and it’s here to stay, grow, and flourish. The first purchase of the day was made by veteran Sean Azzariti, who bought an 1/8 of Bubba Kush and a truffle. Azzariti, who uses marijuana medicinally to treat PTSD, looks simply ecstatic to have helped ushered in this new era.

Based on reports from the field and the Twittersphere, it’s a very calm, peaceful zoo out there. No one’s been hurt or arrested, everyone seems to be jovial about waiting in the cold/snow for hours on New Year’s Day, so, so far so good.

But it is certainly organized, unprecedented chaos. All told, there’s 1-3 hour lines to buy weed, depending on the location, and most of the buyers come from out of state. Based on the look of these lines, these shops will sell out of weed sooner rather than later:

At BotanaCare in Northglenn, there’s a three hour line to purchase weed. We caught it on video:

People choosing to wait outside of Breckenridge Cannabis Club for weed rather than hit the slopes:

Like father, like son (and that’s dedication):

Not your typical Wednesday morning in Denver:

Weed > Snow

More lines at Citi-Med:

Things will never be the same:

There’a a lot to take in here, and a lot to consider. History has been made, and it’s a proud, tear-jerking moment for any one in the world who understands marijuana’s power. But it’s just the beginning.

This is, aside from an economy booster, a case study and for the rest of America (and even the world). While the lines are wild, they’re not unexpected. It’s January 1! No one has work today, it’s the biggest travel week in the country, skiers always flock to Colorado at this time of year, and then you have the kids in town for jam bands and Pretty Lights.

So while these lines won’t guy away (at least not till more than 20 recreational shops are open), this will calm down and resemble something reasonable in the coming weeks and months. But quite frankly, today’s lines were a blessing and we thank those who waited, as it’s garnered the media attention this story deserves.

The down side of these massive lines: as mentioned earlier, these shops are going to be dry very soon because THERE IS A LOT OF MARIJUANA BEING SOLD TODAY. The city of Denver just needs more weed.

As for the out of staters, well, as expected, they’re here not just for the microbrews and Broncos, but for the legal cannabis. The problem is: where the hell are they supposed to smoke the weed since public consumption is strictly forbidden. If we had to guess, Denver’s hotels must reek of weed right about now.

Thus, we can’t stress this strongly enough: please, smoke your weed where it’s legal to and in as a discrete, respectful way as possible. Do not bring your weed across state lines, and represent our community the right way.

Its an honor you deserve to to say you legally purchased weed in the United States of America. But the microscope is on Colorado, and on every individual who buys recreational weed in Colorado.

Please, don’t blow it for this industry, the rest of the country, and Colorado. Everyone is waiting for us to fuck up–but we cant and we won’t let that happen.

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  7. You have all these idiot kids out wrecking their cars into troopers and saying it was because of marijuana. Bullshit!!!!! Stupid fucking kids will end up ruining it for everyone. I fucking hate those dumb ass kids. Grow the fuck up and be responsible. Dumb asses. I would like to kick some ass of the kids that proclaimed marijuana made them have a wreck. I drive high every day and have for the last 25 years. Never had a wreck!!!! Stay off the road idiots.

  8. How is it handled in a situation where a person who uses pot at home but gets drug tested at work because of training or an accident? Is there a minimum level or a no tolerance policy? Especially for public employees.

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