The State of Medical Marijuana: National MMJ Update


The first full week of 2014 has come and gone in the 420 world, and the momentum gained during 2013 to recognize medicinal cannabis – in addition to the outright legalization of marijuana – has done nothing but pick up traction. Last week a CNN poll showed that 84% of Americans objected to the idea of it’s citizens being incarcerated over weed, and that 55% of Americans support marijuana legalization. Not getting that message – the Fresno County Board of Supervisors instituted a ban on medical marijuana cultivation in its unincorporated areas. Meanwhile, on the Eastern Seaboard, the Empire State fired up medical marijuana with an executive order from the Gov. And last but not least, the NFL’s Commissioner Goodell claims to be down with medical marijuana and “the evolution of medicine.” All in all, a smooth first week for marijuana reform in 2014.

Let’s roll…

January 7th 2014 –CNN/ORC International survey released Monday has a solid majority of Americans supporting the legalization of marijuana. Some 55% agreed that marijuana should be legal, with 44% disagreeing. The CNN poll results are similar to an October Gallup Poll had support for legalization a record-breaking 58% nationwide. That was in line with a number of other polls since the 2012 elections that showed support either above or just below 50%, depending on the pollster. But in another survey released Monday, the conservative Rasmussen poll

January 8th 2014 – Deaf, dumb, and blind to the national trend of medical marijuana acceptance, the Fresno County Board of Supervisors feel California’s prop 215 and SB 420 are little more than a bad joke – which don’t need to be followed – and hasfired up a ban on medical marijuana cultivation in unincorporated Fresno County starting February, 2014. Despite the fact that SB 420 prohibits the provisions of law making unlawful the possession or cultivation of marijuana from applying to a patient,” the Fresno County Board of Supervisors feel as though they are above the law.

January 9th 2014 – The New Year is starting off on a high note for the sick and suffering of New York State, thanks to Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who has had a change of heart recently on the whole medical marijuana issue. With the ink from his signature barely dry, the new executive order signed yesterday by Cuomo, a deep rooted detractor of legalizing cannabis for any medicinal purposes in New York, has set the wheels in motion to bring medical marijuana to the Empire State. While it sounds like exciting news on the surface – there are a few caveats.

 January 9th 2014 –  We will continue to support the evolution of medicine” ~ NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, Regardless of whether  the Commissioner of the National Football League (NFL) had his most recent epiphany on MMJ thanks to the Marijuana Policy Project, and their recent campaign to ‘Stop punishing NFL players for using marijuana as medicine’ –  or whether it was a moment of conscience –  the Commissioner spoke up for the first time to ESPN on the topic of medical marijuana and the NFL.

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