US Congressman: Federal Marijuana Legalization Will Happen This Decade


Don’t let the bowtie fool you, this man is serious about CHANGING U.S. DRUG POLICY NOW.

Oregonian Congressman Earl Blumenhaur delivered a momentous speech in front of Congress yesterday during which he prophesied an impending shift in U.S. federal drug policy.

The kind-eyed and even-keeled congressman proclaimed in a calm yet authoritative manner that the future is green: “Sometime in this decade the U.S. will tax and regulate Marijuana,”  

“Our federal laws are frozen in time, but the American public has moved on… Majorities now say it should be legal, and even more say the federal government should not interfere with whatever state laws are in place.”

The congressman’s weary frustration with the United States’ borderline schizophrenic drug policies is a symptom of the stagnant dialogue surrounding drug policy. The truth is staring the American public, and Earl Blumenhaur, in the face.

We’ve heard it all before: deplorable incarceration rates (5% of the worlds population and 25% of its prisoners), a thriving and highly destructive multi-national black market: the U.S. isn’t just losing the war on drugs, its consciously sustaining it. The largely privatized U.S. prison system and the FDA have grown into bureaucratic tumors as a result of our ineffective, half hearted attempt at prohibition. A change is coming, the real question is, “when?”

While his speech may seem like just another congressman blabbing in front of his grey haired co-workers, Earl Blumenhauer has a history of getting ahead of the curve. Earl was an early supporter of the 26th amendment responsible for lowering the voting age to 18. He also played a pivotal role in designing Portland, Oregon’s state of the art public transportation system. He’s a proven catalyst for change, and it may be that one day we look back on this speech as a moment when the tide finally turned.

Watch it here:

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