Florida Medical Marijuana School to Open in Tampa!


Florida may not have Medical Marijuana just yet (that vote comes later this year), but entrepreneurs are already eyeing businesses in what (hopefully) will be one of America’s next MMJ states this year. The first of those enterprises, “Medical Marijuana Tampa,” a school for those that want to enter the burgeoning weed industry, began classes yesterday.

There’s no entrance exam or background check at Medical Marijuana Tampa: to enroll, you simply pay $4999 for course material, and can immediately begin your crash course in cannabis. The report does not state how many (if any) students are already enrolled in classes, but it’s nonetheless a neat development for a state that has been behind the medical marijuana ball for some time.

The curriculum will encompass “the history of cannabis, types of cannabis and its growth stages, making bubble hash and edibles, and building the grower network.” All of which is great–but if you still have to move to Colorado or Washington to actually grow the plant and join the legal industry, it might be a better use to use those funds towards a move out west and simply learn on the job.

Would you go to school for weed, or prefer get a badge and learn in a grow or at a dispensary?

[Orlando Sentinel]

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  3. I would like more info on what your school is offering. I’ve been considering going west for school, they offer a certificate and back up on future endeavors. We have yet to get any laws here to even think about the possible licensing necessary to set up such a venture. $4999 is a steep commitment with very little details on what you are offering. I don’t need a history on the subject. Basic hydro phonics can be found anywhere. Setting up dispensaries, and the chemical break down for medicinal purposes would be a plus. The business possibilities and what it take to get one established is more of my concern.

  4. Please folks don’t be stupid and pay those ridiculous fees…A child can grow it with only the skill of reading a short book and applying their knowledge. EVERYTHING ONE NEEDS TO KNOW IS AVAILBLE THOUGH YOUTUBE. I PROMISE THIS! Meet me at Facebook and I will help you for free!

  5. Marijuana is a gift from god and is safer then any other drug. Think about it. More people did a year by caffine and asprin. Wile 0 die anualy from weed. Socioty is backward to have deadly substances legal and the safe ones illigal….

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