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From the bombed out remnants of the UK’s underground – rising like a phoenix from the rubble – a stinky and sticky cutting ascended the latter of cannabis fame, becoming the infamous “G,” in the G-force strain. The OG G’s dark and mysterious origins are unfortunately unknown, but it has been a patient favorite, filling the shelves at dispensaries since the inception of medical marijuana in the early 90s.

Basic Info: Rumors and/or educated guesses as to the G-Force strain composition have included Sensi’s G 13 Indica and the Flying Dutchman’s spicy pot of gold, but these assumptions are so far unverified. Such guesses are based on the qualities that G shares in common with standout Dutch Indica’s – demonstrating a sturdy and dynamic Indica growth pattern, highlighting a unique effervescent quality which decidedly resides in the spectrum of spicy hash flavors.

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When G-Force made it into the hands of the Big Buddha breeders, it was considered a worthwhile strain to develop. Big Buddha feminized G by crossing it with a reversed G clone father, resulting in all female, all – G strain, the G bomb. As a hefty Indica, G-Bomb is a high-yielding plant that forms gigantic colas the size of one’s fist. The plant likes to form a dense and impressive main central Bud, making it a very solid choice for sea of green setups.

Growth and Seed Info: Over many years this strain has been found in just about every common method from screen of green, big pots, Hydro… And even the sea of green. You name the cultivation technique – and the G-Bomb flourishes in it. As such it is a good plant to build up a beginner’s confidence. This plant loves to be fed well and eats heavily. Indoor plants finish in 7 to 11 weeks, and outdoor plants can be harvested at the end of October. A slight temperature variation is fine provided the weather stays above freezing. G-Bomb maintains a steady monochromatic green, even when the nights turn cold in late October. These plants stay short; at maximum height outdoors they still top out at under 6 feet. While size definitely matters, the right type of size – not plant size, but buds size matters. This is where G-Bomb drops her payload, delivering massive outdoor yields of approximately 2 pounds per plant.

Scent: The G bomb’s overpowering aroma has been categorized as a dank lemony hashish. The lip puckering citrus flavor ads a sophisticated nuance of spice that will please even the most discerning aficionado.

Effect: the G-Bomb provides for a stoney high, with calming qualities. It is a great addition to the medicine cabinet for chronic pain sufferers, insomniacs, or others who want the soothing effects of a heavy, slow release body high.


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