Iowa Introduces Bill to Legalize Medical Marijuana!


Iowa just became the 31st state to introduce a progressive marijuana bill on this year’s ballot and the 12th state with a medical marijuana bill. America’s will to progress just keeps growing stronger, as over half the country has a bill requesting change. Add a few more states to the mix, and we’re looking art 2/3 of the country with pro-pot bills.

Unfortunately, like many of these bills, the Republican party in Iowa opposes legalizing medical marijuana, so the bill will likely die a quiet death, even after parents of children suffering from severe seizures–and in need of CBD–spoke out in favor of going medical.

A bill to legalize medical marijuana has been introduced in the Iowa Senate, but supporters say it will not advance this year because of a lack of bipartisan support.

Democratic Sen. Joe Bolkcom, of Iowa City, says he needs both Republicans and Democrats from the state House and Senate to support the bill.

So far, he says the GOP members have shown little interest in publicly endorsing the legislation.

Under the measure, patients with certain medical conditions could obtain medical marijuana if they got a prescription from a physician and receive authorization from the state.

Parents of children with epilepsy spoke in favor of the bill at a news conference Tuesday, saying that in other states children with similar conditions had found relief taking marijuana in an oil form. [KCCI]

A small step for Iowa, but another meaningful one for a state that lags behind the ball of marijuana progression. If it somehow does make it onto the ballot, Iowa’s general public would certainly vote the bill in. But that’s clearly a long shot.

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