Kushadelic Marijuana Strain Review and Photos



Kushadelic highlights the sweet and tasty psychedelic side of the chronic Kush family. This strain is representative of one of Soma’s best hybrids, crossbreeding a California OG Kush and their special daddy Haze plant. The Haze daddy was a selection from Soma’s intensive work with hybrid Hazes, a G – 13 Haze/Nevill’s Haze cross that is influenced many of his recent strains and beyond.

Basic Info: Kushadelic is a 50-50 hybrid, blending the highly sought after Haze qualities of the Sativa with the heady density of the Kush. This plant begins the vegetative phase with full, picture-perfect leaves that balance the Indica/Sativa influences. As it puts on weight during its flowering stage, the dark green leaflets grow long and thin, morphing into her slender Sativa appearance by full maturation.

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Growth and Seed Info: For most regions of the world, Kushadelic is an outdoor variety, taking over seven months from seed to harvest outdoors – and a full 10 weeks in flowering under HPS grow lights. Soma is a strong believer in using organic soil – utilizing bat guano as the primary fertilizer – highlighting the plants best flavors, while maintaining an environmentally friendly harvest. For the indoor cultivators, this strain will also thrive when grown utilizing Hydro methods.

Kushadelic does not believe in branching out, however the strain respond well to being topped and will grow nicely as a multi-branched plant. They are also a solid choice for a Sea of Green set up, although the thick green canopy may take some work to achieve the desired consistency. Indoor plants are typically finished at approximately 3 feet, but when cultivated outdoors, these ladies have the ability to reach well over 7 feet in height.

Related Strains: There are two main phenotypes of the Kushadelic. One is more Sativa dominant with a slightly elastic profile and a potent Haze buzz. The other is an Indica pheno, which remains more squat in structure and reveals its Kush influences during their final days of flowering.

Scent: Kushadelic’s flowers are large and sweet with an exotic marriage of the floral and earthy tones of the Haze Kush combination.

Affect:The elevated high joins the mouthwatering potency of the Kush with the happy clarity of the Haze, causing a deep sense of introspection while allowing for social interaction.

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