L.A.P.D. Marijuana Strain Review and Photos


L.A.P.D. is a somewhat ominous name for such a kick ass strain of cannabis. Short for LA Confidential Purple Diesel, this sweet and sticky strain consolidates the dank and popular names from both parents, anointing this patient favorite strain with a distinct Left Coast ZIP Code.

Basic Info: LA Confidential was a fan favorite for the weird and wonderful pot patients residing around Hollyweed, CA in the early 1990s. Made available through the experienced breeders at DNA genetics, the primary parent of this strain is the ever popular OG Kush, complete with its highly desired trademark hash taste, earth-based spice flavors, and trippy high that leans towards the psychedelic. The Purple Diesel genetics work against the Indica’s predisposition for laziness, combating couch lock with a massive burst of creative energy that tends to translate into creative pursuits or physical activity. Maintaining the productive Sativa traits … the Purple Diesel is that hyperactive, get-shit-done Weed that helps procrastinators accomplish laborious tasks; writing papers, cleaning dishes, doing laundry – motivation in the form of a slightly sour and purely pungent smoke.

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Growth and Seed Info: The highly productive and distinct phenotypes in the LAPD genetics, is a mad mix of 50 Indica/50 Sativa combined in one kick ass multitasking strain. LAPD dominates both indoors and out, but truly shines when cultivated in a greenhouse environment. She is a flexible strain that easily transitions, adapting to just about any cultivation technique. She thrives in soil or hydroponics gardens, creates massive yields in either SOG or SCROG setups. LAPD is a particularly good strain for those cultivators residing in hot, dry climates, characteristic of the Southwest. Growers in Nevada, Arizona, and California’s inland desert gravitate towards this strain for its high yield and equally elevated THC level. Those cultivators that reside in wetter, more humid climates will need to keep a careful eye out for mold, as the LAPD Bud formation is extremely tight.

Entrenched in Indica genetics, LAPD plants generally remain on the shorter side of the spectrum – though willing to stretch when forced to reach for their nearest lights. Thanks to its Indica roots, the highly anticipated harvest time for LAPD arrives sooner than most strains, hitting full maturation in as few as seven weeks indoors, or early to mid-October when grown outside or in a greenhouse. At full expression, LAPD forms tight, sticky, crystal laden buds with a mind blowing crimson and purple aura.

Fat yields of sticky Bud are a normal characteristic for LAPD, enjoying a typical harvest of between 3.5 – 4.5 ounces per lady, or approximately a half pound of KGB for sea of green cultivators. For those experienced outdoor growers, LAPD maxes out at approximately 1 pound per female. However the more experienced cultivator tends to enjoy the highly concentrated effects of this strain when grown indoors.

Effect: LAPD’s high is an elevated trip. First getting hit with the Purple Diesels mind spinning up affects, she quickly regresses into a much more sedate and down to earth high. With just one bong rip, LAPD, the savage beast; in slightly less moderate doses, it is a mind blowing intoxicant. While the real LAPD’s motto is “To protect and serve,” this hybrid strain is more likely to take you out.

Scent: Fans of flavorful strains will bow before this gene pool; sweet hints of grape and pine, highlighted and by a rich earthy undertones. Medical marijuana patients will find this strain is beneficial for those suffering from stress, cramps, spasms, chronic pain, and fatigue.

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