Marijuana Legalization: A Week in Review


Jamaica looks to decriminalize marijuana by the end of 2014, an Ohio poll shows voters think highly of the idea to legalize marijuana, San Diego cultivates new medical marijuana regulations, Colorado’s legal marijuana tax revenue exceeds $184 million annually, the European Union launches a new initiative “Weed like to talk,”  and last but not least…Alaska’s marijuana legalization initiative gets its final seal of approval – allowing voters to cast their ballot this summer for legal weed. It was a busy week in the world of weed…

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February 24, 2014 – Jamaica will decriminalize marijuana in 2014; National officials claim that the plant will be completely decriminalized by the end of 2014. They’re also looking to establish a legitimate, regulated medical marijuana system in the motherland of marijuana. The Cannabis Commercial and Medicinal Research Taskforce (CCMRT) says it has been given an assurance that Jamaica will this year decriminalize marijuana as the island seeks to establish a medicinal marijuana industry.

February 25, 2014 – Quinnipiac poll shows majority of Ohio’s voters what marijuana legalized: recent polling data released for public consumption revealed that the good people of Ohio are tired of the war against weed. When asked if they supported or opposed allowing adults in Ohio to legally possess small amounts of marijuana for personal use, 51% said they would support this policy and only 44% were opposed. Support was strongest amongst voters age 18-29 (72%), Independent voters (61%), and Democrats (54%) and weakest among Republicans (33%) and voters over the age of 65 (31%).

February 25, 2014 – San Diego city Council fires up new medical marijuana collective regulations: the San Diego city Council passed strict new medical marijuana dispensary regulations this past Tuesday with an 8 – 1 vote. Under the new restrictive regulations no more than four collectives per Council district will be allowed. Additionally, all dispensaries must remain 1000 feet from any school, playground, residential care facility, church, childcare center or any other collective, and are disallowed from having an on-site medical marijuana doctor.

February 25th, 2014 – Colorado’s state legal marijuana revenue is anticipated to exceed $184 million: The new found wealth had the committee scrambling to allocate the $103.5 million to various programs: $45.5 million for the prevention of youth marijuana use; $40.4 million for treatment of substance use; $12.4 million for public health; $1.8 million for regulatory oversight; $3.2 million for law enforcement and public safety; and $200,000 for something called “statewide coordination.”

February 26, 2014 – the European Union ignites their “Weed like to talk” initiative: the new European initiative seeks a resolution for Europe, addressing the somewhat frustrating legal issue of marijuana consumption. While alcohol and tobacco are perfectly legal despite their known health risks – unlike cannabis – the relatively healthy plant is still considered a narcotic drug and therefore a “punishable offense” by the United Nations.

February 27, 2014 – Alaska receives green light to become third state to vote on legal marijuana: after gathering more than the required 30,000 signatures to appear on Alaska’s 2014 ballot, Alaskans will now be provided the opportunity to decide their state’s fate on legal marijuana. Provided Alaska’s new initiative passes, adults over the age of 21 would be allowed to possess up to 1 ounce of Alaskan ice for their own personal consumption. Those Alaskan residents who are horticulturally inclined will be allowed to grow as many as six plants for their own personal consumption.

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  2. “$45.5 million for the prevention of youth marijuana use” the biggest amount of taxpayer money going to one of the most useless causes. im not for kids using cannabis but the youth have forever been smoking the shit anyway despite mass anti-drug campaigns that ran into literally billions of dollars-DARE. The youth are gonna smoke it no matter what “prevention” programs the state puts out there-such a damn waste of money. Wish they’d put more of the taxpayers money into cannabis medical research and regulation of recreational. Read a good chunk of tax money is also gonna go toward rebuilding the schools for God’s sake leave the school buildings Alone and work more on the failing teachers within the schools. If you need to pay them more so they’ll teach the children better than please do so but use the money in a better more impactful WAY. Since we’re not really serious about eliminating the black market lets at least do some REAL good for the community and honor the voters that legalized this medicinal plant. Please show cannabis more respect. When we do we will see many benefits not only economal and medical but multiple levels of our society.

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